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Originally Posted by BengalCat View Post
I'm unclear on why you think your current wheels would have any problem running 28mm or for that matter 32mm.

For five years I've run 28mm which replaced the 25mm that came with the bike. I'm 6'4" and 230 pounds. The 28mm ride better and faster than the 25mm. Personally, I would like to run 32mm but my bike frame doesn't have the proper clearance for 32mm in the rear. A 32mm fits on my front but the clearance is too minuscule IMO so I run 28mm on the front too.

Good luck on getting the results you seek.
Current clincher rims are made for 25mm tires. Putting 28s on them will result in a wider tire profile. The current setup with Ultegra calipers it is tight getting the tires through the brake calipers with the tires inflated, and apparently unlike a some other riders I do this pretty regularly, some weeks every day. If the tires were mounted on rims designed for 28s the rim would be wider, the caliper setup would start wider and they would probably make it though with the cams open. I'm also not sure my frame has clearance for 28s in the rear. It is pretty tight.

As noted above, I ripped a sidewall on my ride a few days ago, new Conti 25s are on the way so I'll be a couple of thousand miles before I revisit this.

Thanks for the feedback on the ride though.
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