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Originally Posted by cyccommute View Post
It's hard to tell from the outside. This bike looks like the load in the rear is heavier but

but the rear panniers are loaded with clothes which are lighter but bulkier. The front panniers contain cooking gear and food which is smaller but denser. The tent and sleeping bag are very light but are bulky as well.
My diustribution is along the same lines. Cooking/eating gear (I believe I carry more than most), including my plastic French press and two-week coffee supply, is all up front. So are other more dense/heavier things like my off bike shoes, sleepng pad, Kindle, Road Morph G and toilet items. My tent on the back is only 2.25 lbs. The sleeping bag, which is in the right rear pannier, is around 2 lbs. The tarp is 12 oz. Most of the rear capacity is taken up by relatively light clothes. When I have to carry food to camp, I try to fit the heavier/denser items up front.
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