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Re. Rack/fender attachment points.
There are bolt holes in the rear for a rack and fenders but none up front. Quite an oversight in design IMO. As is, I have some quick connect fenders that I use for a 700c bike that attach well with rubber straps but it would be nice to have an easy set up fr a front rack. Montague sells a strange rear rack that pivots with a quick disconnect clamp but I don't really see the need for it. A normal rack will do and not get in the way or effect the folding. I see this as a light tourer so I may even forgo the rack for a saddlebag system.

Re. Folding. Montague says it's 36"x28"x12" and weighs 27lb's. Sizing says 17", 19" and 21" and I suspect mine is a medium. It feels just like a similar sized normal 700c bike. Light touring on road or well groomed trail. The cockpit looks small in the initial pics because the seat was fully forward and the slight riser bars were angled back. The previous owner was smaller than me.

The frame mechanism looks like this. Basically a spring loaded quick release skewer that penetrates the frame.

Even if the quick release comes undone, the bike can't fold until you push down on the skewer so the end knob clears the lip of the clasp.
Front wheel comes off like a regular QR skewer and the caliper brake has a tension release so the tire clears the pads.

Folding doesn't take long once you know what you are doing. After a few times I imagine I'll get a routine down.
Currently the bike doesn't have folding pedals so they do stick out. I tried spinning them off and, just like the cassette lock nut I tried earlier, they came loose with only the slightest effort. Nice!

The front wheel goes in a sleeve inside the bag.

And then the bike sits on top. There is a shoulder carrying strap that runs through the bag to secure to the frame so you are lifting from the bike and not the bag. I've seen this on other rinko bags as a way not to tear the lightweight bags.

As is, the bike fit the bag with standard pedals attached and saddle and post in the bike. One could make it smaller by doing things like slamming the stem, removing the saddle seat post, and loosening the stem clamp to slide the handlebars in board more. You could also remove the rear wheel and slide it a bit more inboard to reduce length but it would add a bit more width. I have to play around with it more to see what's optimal. In the second pic below you can see how the saddle and handlebar end makes the top of the bag flare out. Adjusting them would reduce that part of the footprint noticeably.

As it is though, the bike feels light and I could easily carry this around for quite a distance in comfort.

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