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Got 'em!

Normally I don't mind the sounds of nature... birds singing, waves crashing, frogs bellowing, even crickets chirping...

But... this one cricket was making my life miserable... It had somehow found it's way into the area under/behind my refrigerator, where no doubt, it was quite warm, which encouraged very rapid chirping... And this guy sounded like a motor bearing gone bad. If I happened to go to the fridge at night... and just opened the door, "jiminy" would suddenly go quiet. But just as I would try to fall asleep... he would sing out his loudest song.

Well, yesterday, it must have been too warm back there behind the fridge, and he left his safe spot... and moved under a corner table... somewhere, deep, back, and hard to find.

If I jostled the table or chairs... he went quiet. But he was more "out" now, and the song was even louder... that motor bearing gone bad, over and over and over again... echoing in my kitchen, carrying into my bedroom.

So, awakened by fireworks, time and time again last night (long after the "official" shows) and then kept awake by "jiminy..." I took a strong flashlight and looked way under the table... and out he hopped... and in my rage, I smashed him flat!

Ahhhh... the quiet, later, last night, was almost deafening. Almost.
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