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The orphaned pictures thread

Let me explain.

Like many - if not most - of you I spend a lot of time searching for information on C&V stuff on-line. Sometimes I find what I'm looking for, and those results I have mostly posted previously in other threads.

But during those searches I also come across pictures that have little or no bearing on the subject at hand, but I find fascinating nonetheless and keep for future use.

Well, I've got a whole bunch by now, and appropriate threads for them have failed to show up, so I've decided to give these orphaned pictures their own thread.

If you have similar not-so-relevant-yet-interesting pictures, please share them here.

I'd like to kick of with this picture from the early seventies of Fedor den Hertog (left) and Cees Priem (right). Fedor was fast. Won pretty much everything when an amateur. Earned the nickname "Ivan the Terrible". But Fedor didn't understand people, and people didn't understand Fedor, and his professional career was late, short and never went anywhere. Cees was maybe not as fast, but he was more street smart. Made it to the famous Raleigh team and went on to become TVM team manager in the nineties.

Fedor is riding a RIH, from the Bustraan shop in Amsterdam, Cees' bike is a Cera, built by fellow Zeelander Cees Raas, Jan Raas' uncle. Note the Universal brake levers, combined with MAFAC brakes, a combination that was quite popular BITD.
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