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2019 Goals

The time to prepare is upon us, post them goals!

Mine, as mentioned in the 2018 thread:

Results oriented:
Do well in a big stage race cat 2 field (either VoS again or Chico, or whatever else the team decides to target)
Podium in a P12 race (right now I feel like pack fodder in the P12 races, but still feel relevant in the 2/3's. I'd like to close that gap and get a result, even if it's at a smaller office park crit)

Get more organized with my time management so I can take the time I need to train and race without feeling guilty, or pressured to do something else. When I feel guilty about training, I end up procrastinating on both errands AND riding, and then feel even worse about myself, and can get caught up in a spiral.

Get leaner, but with some additional muscle. At least to the point where I can see abs. Weight doesn't necessarily need to go down, I'm pretty happy with 145 lbs and would even take a muscular 150 lbs because crits.
Get my sprint back up to where it was. I've stopped practicing it as much, and I'm having a hard time breaking 1200w again.
Keep my overall volume up. 10+ hour weeks or bust, stretch for 15. That, plus following coach's plan, should result in a good engine.

Work on sprinting from a small group. Not getting so nervous coming into the last lap in a break.
Work on sprinting from a bunch. I probably won't win, but I'm finding myself being timid again and favoring attacking early even when it doesn't make sense to do so.
Corner faster. I've improved this year, but still have a bit to work on.
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