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Originally Posted by furiousferret View Post
Do well in the races I select, namely hit the numbers below, etc. I decided that setting 'winning' as a goal is silly, because its something that's not really in your control. All you can really do is get in the form required to win, that may be enough, it may not.

1) Consistently high CTL through the race season

2) Get my sprint back (1200+ peak power)

3) 300w over 20m

4) 4.5 w/kg

You can get it. I got it this month during the training. At the weight it came out to 4.35 w/kg at a comfy weight. Good golly is it more than enough to bash around the local hammer rides. Not sure how tall you are, but at 5' 9" and maybe a half inch, I find it tough to eat like I deserve to and to get below a minimum of 69kg. I could, but I like my wine and some treats.

So, I hit the 300w mark earlier than expected this month, but still anticipating a slow down in gains given available time input. Still have to push the bar for 2019. What is it about SMART goals? Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time bound?

So, here we go........


-podium a Cat 4/5 road race or oval track crit

-attend the local pro/1/2/3 hammer ride a few times

-get a sub 20-minute 10-mile TT (probably hardest goal, combo of power and aero)

-attend a USAC or other "official" time trial event, may require asking a favor of the wife to travel


-get to 320w for 20min and 290w+ for an hour

-overall of more than 4.5w/kg for the 20min number

-get a 5min MAX number of 20w more than this year, from 350w to least a 5.5w/kg for 5min.......that'd be pretty devastating on the local group ride, not repeatable but just a max test

Fun stuff:

-KOM at least half of the "dirty dozen" hills in the Raleigh area.....currently I hold two to three depending on the hills you count and am top 10 in a few others

-32mph or faster 4km individual pursuit (on road)

-sub one-hour 25 mile TT

-"brick" a 1/2 IM bike ride and run workout

-get my 5k run time under 8min/mile

-attend a local duathlon and crush the bike leg

-be a total ass hole and take back a few local KOMs people got in pacelines by using the full time trial kit-up....skinsuit and helmet and all......let's see ya'll rotate 30mph for 5 miles
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