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Originally Posted by Ttoc6 View Post
Good goals man. A 20 min 10 mile is tough. You do that and you'll be way faster than a 1hr 40k when you get there! Remember, power to speed ratio is not directly proportional.

That 5k time should be easy with your aerobic fitness from cycling. Just get out, build your mileage up safely(~10%/ week) and you'll get it in no time!
Yeah, the 20min 10mi is likely a pipe dream on the geometry of an aero roadie with clip-ons. Getting the 20min power up another 20w will get it closer, but, that would be pushing it with that geometry. Most of the British times at low wattage is due to the "wind" help of them riding inches from speeding cars on a freeway.

I need to just focus on getting the time down however far it will go. I think the 20min goal is maybe beyond 2019 even, like a goal before I turn 40 years old. Lol.

I'm going to try to find and convert a used rear disc from 10 speed to 11 speed. That'd be a few ticks on the clock. Not much else I can do other than add watts at this point, I've maxed the position out on the roadie with clip-ons.

I found a local road that's about 1 mile pan-flat to do some testing on. And I can ride to it from the house, bonus.
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