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Originally Posted by jefnvk View Post
Some photos of the route. As you can see in one of them, the other place the map helps is staying on roads versus the "route" itself, they go out of their way to get you off roads in some populated areas, often onto a singletrack that parallels the road...
re "staying on the route itself" vs a nearby road. I'd have to say that it generally didnt bother me that it did a little meandering. I'm usually more of a rider who will just take a bit of a road to avoid goofy detours , and a few times I would have taken the road, but my wife very much preferred to keep to the route, and thats ok--the main plus of this is the quiet aspect of the whole eurovelo thing, and being able to chat and not worry about cars, if worrying about cars or not paying attention to cars is your concern.

I would add though, that having to keep an eye out for the signs , especially during some of the more meandering detours, is more time consuming and attention consuming than simply following lets say, " D124 until you get to JoeBlowsville, then go left on D149 until Pierresville".
My wife regularly rode right past signs indicating turns without seeing them, but I know that about her, but it did mean that I had to be more attentive than usual.
And to be fair, I made a few boo-boos and took us the wrong way, but all in all it worked out well.

good group of photos--it gives a good impression of the overall feel of the whole thing.
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