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Originally Posted by jefnvk View Post
Maybe I could have worded that a a bit better. I didn't mind actual detours, but for example that singletrack we followed for about three miles before I said screw it and got back on the road that was right on top of the dike thirty feet to the right. There were a few other places where it was a rutty dirt walking path next to an empty beautiful slab of asphalt.
we had the same experience a few times, of going to the road that was right nearby and all was fine traffic wise, but other times my wife was happier staying on "the route" so thats what we did.
All in all, the vast majority of it is well thought out, and it is designed for any and all kinds of riders--a lot of folks we saw were retired and there seemed to be all levels of riders, so its good that its set up to make things as least trafficy as possible, and Im sure is part and parcel of attracting all levels of riders so that they have an enjoyable and safe time (which is great from a tourism point of view for the area).
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