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I started on a fuji track too after just enough research to realize that anything cheaper is basically a waste of money. It has honestly served me well for the past 3 years of daily all weather commuting.

That said, I did replace the cranks and pedals after about a year, got new bar tape after a crash, and changed a couple of other things around for a better fit.

Only recently did I replace the wheels and saddle. Now the only thing original left is the frame itself, the seatpost and the bars and its still going strong every day. No complaints at all with the frame's weight or the finish quality. Ill probably ride it for another year before I finally get a new frame.

Long story short, If you ever get into riding enough to appreciate the differences in higher quality parts, you will have a great time upgrading your fuji like I did until you too finally retire its frame. I honestly dont think theres a big enough difference between the stock cranks or the steel on the kilo to get worked up about. Like I said, by the time you appreciate the difference you'll probably want better ones anyway.
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