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To sum it all up, here's what happened:
Was prepared to do what others mentioned and get cheapo wheels for now, upgrade next year A 2nd wheelset sounds like it's a must have anyway. Talked to my LBS owner who was doing the tuneup and the fitting who wanted me (of course) on more expensive wheels for this bike. He knows I'm going to start on group rides in the spring, and he also knows that I probably would wait a year or two to get new wheels ;-) So, he wound up selling me his "used" Ksyrium Sl's because he's getting rid of his old bike and his new one will be using SRAM components (not Campy). So, at less than 1/2 the price of new ones, I got barely used ones (he says there's about 100 miles on them, but even if it's 5x as many I'd still probably make the same decision). So maybe I'm a sucker, who knows. Only time will tell if they are as insanely good or insanely bad as opinions seem to be about them.

And if they are too heavy, or not aero enough, or what-have-you all I can really tell is that riding this bike is the BEST. I don't know why I waited so long to get a proper road bike (yes I do, $$), but it's so much better than riding my hybrid. It's not even in the same league. At least for what I do anyway. If there's anyone out there considering buying a used high end carbon bike, I can safely say - DO IT!

PS to Psimet - I know you're not asking for business advice, but I shot you an email around the time of this original post. I have not yet heard back from you, but still wish I did. I know you're busy, but you probably could have sold me on some wheels. I also know coming up with proper individual wheels takes a lot of time, but if it takes that long, might figure out a way to streamline the process somehow. Just some constructive criticism so please take it or leave it. You couldn't ask for a much better targeted lead than me - high end bike, no wheels, looking for advice, referred from a bike forum by what, 5 or more people? Maybe next time around - or maybe for my wife next season.

Oh and I know, pic or it didn't happen...
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