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Please tell us your age.
64 in a couple of weeks

1. What type of bikes do 50+ folks ride?
Olmo Millenium road bike.

2. Do you take any special supplements/vitamins/minerals as you have grown older?
Use Ultima, Endurox, E Gel and E Fuel as a distance runner. I suspect I will continue with those products as a new cyclist,

3. How much do you feel you have "slowed down" if any?
In running, I've actually gotten faster since I started and assume the same will occur once I've built a good cycling conditioning/endurance base. Aerobically, I'm fine. I need to get my riding muscles in shape.

4. How long have you been biking? New, around a while, biked all your life? Biked as a kid. Had a "comfort bike" for around the neighborhood. Just getting into serious road biking now, a newbie!!

5. What type of biking do you do? Long rides, touring, short rec rides, commute, tour, race?
Right now its been bike familiarization and moving into "base building" to use a distance runners expression, putting on mileage. Hope to do long rides and maybe try a race or two.

6. How often do you bike?
Right now, 3-4 times a week. Run other days.
Your approximate annual mileage?
Check back with me in a year. I just got my bike in June.

7. Do you do any other type of physical activities - weight lifting, skiing, running, etc.?
Marathon/distance runner year around and resistance training with a Total Gym. Walking, some Golfing, canoeing, SCUBA and skiing in the past.
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