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Not as nice as any of these others I see (and as an early 90's bottom of what you could find at the lbs, not a classic), here's an earlier incarnation of my commuter bike:

Since then it got a nicer saddle (first selle san marco regal, then knockoff of a brooks swift with an anatomic cutout), much longer seatpost, new bars (ditched the Scott Drop Ins), aero levers, a front rack, and Kelly Take-Offs for shifting instead of stem shifters among other things.

It's currently being repainted (well actually sitting in my garage primed waiting for me to paint it - and it's going to wait a while as I'm moving in 2-3 weeks and I'll care less if the primer gets scuffed than after 3 coats of paint, decals, then clear coat), after which it'll get pretty much every part replaced other than the frame and fork and will sport a shimergo setup.

I like to tinker and my wife thinks having multiple bikes is a waste of money, so I keep modifying this one to meet my changing desires instead (probably more expensive than buying a couple that meet my different needs, but less obvious).
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