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Originally Posted by trailangel View Post
Thanks, just now reading.
Who would send 100+ text messages in a 7 hour period?
I might send 100 in 6 months.
You are clearly not a teenage girl.

OK, we're going to hear the phrase "qualified immunity" a lot with this case. The no-texting law does not apply to cops in the performance of their duties either, and they are allowed to use their car computers while driving. Was he texting somebody at the department or a personal contact?

I think it's INTERESTING that the sheriff's department employee: A sheriff’s sergeant responding to the crash examined Wood’s cellphone and the device showed no record of use during the time of the collision, the detective’s affidavit stated. Do they think that the six texts in the five minutes before the crash would not be found or are they just incompetent?

Why do "public servants" go into full on turtle mode when something like this goes wrong? They stonewall, obfuscate & block any attempts to hold one of their own accountable and usually they're successful. The good news is that whatever settlement Olin's bereaved family gets will come out of OUR pockets as tax payers and very little will personally affect the actual deputy who cause this family so much pain with his negligence.

Qualified immunity is supposed to protect peace officers from harassment during the performance of their duties, not shield them when they are CLEARLY negligent. I'm guessing Olin's family will have the financial resources and wherewithal to make the department squirm but most people would not!

Protect and serve... yeah right!
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