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Originally Posted by JensMarq View Post
Things i've learned over the years:

- If you broke your last picket, use some metal saté-sticks, spare spoke or screwdriver.
- Wet clothes dry faster when you wear them because of your body temperature. Watch out that you don't get ill.
- Keep musquitos away with an union or a lemon instead of expensive products.
- Replace all your your torx, plus and minus screws with inbus so you have to take less tools.
- For wild camping, make sure to fasten your luggage to your foot with a chord. You really don't want to wake up left nothing. Been there....
- Powder coating made my bike scratch-free and solid af.
- Always be friendly to everybody in any circumstances. People can be very generous to friendly people

I hope it's worth something to you guys.
What is a picket as you reference?
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