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Why scooters may be more popular than bikes

With all the news about dockless sharing of e-scooters, it seems the public is happier to ride scooters than sit on a bicycle and pedal. At first this seemed counter-intuitive to me, since pedaling is an easy way to get a lot more speed and at least a little bit of exercise. What I realized, however, is that pedaling is annoying when you're wearing pants, and most people prioritize wearing pants over pedaling. Pedaling with long pants on stretches the legs of your pants. Standing and using an electric motor also means you don't have to sweat at all, which is bad in terms of getting exercise, but once again most people probably would rather exert as little effort as possible in their nice, pretty clothing than to get some exercise and thus sweat a bit.

Another aspect I thought of that might cause scooters to be more attractive as share vehicles is the fact you don't have to sit down on a shared seat. Idk how big a deal it is for most people to sit on a bike seat that someone else has sat on, but maybe the fact that you can stand up on a scooter is preferable.

Or maybe it's just the allure of the newness of scooters that makes them interesting, although they have been around in some form or another for as long as I can remember. Can you think of other reasons (e)-scooters might be more popular than bikes as dockless share vehicles?
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