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Thanks everybody.

They really have slackened up the front-end geometry recently, haven't they. Huh. Do I care? Not sure that I do. Or that I DON'T. Just don't know I guess. A little more forgiving, less twitchy up front...? My old-school Trek from the 80's is steep up front and is indeed scary twitchy.

I'm planning on hitting the LBS's this weekend to see/feel/ride any XL inventory they've got around. I did ride a used XL Rockhopper, a recent base model, that the guy wants $400 for. Given I could buy one new for ~$600 I passed. Plus, I know I've set a low max price point here, but truth is I'm a total gearhead and I'm swimming against my own internal currents to buy even a $1k MTB much less a $600 base model. I can get all spun out over the quality of the components... I'm a machinist, i deal with high-quality, precise stuff all day long, and don't like cheap crap. Then again I'm in my mid-50's and am basically carrying a glass ball on my shoulders; I can't hit my head, which means I can't be doing any downhill single-track, which means it's pretty stupid to stress much on components. Yet I do.

In short I'm one confused mofo right now. Hopefully hitting the local shops will clear things up some. Still leaning towards a Bikes Direct bike simply to get a 1/4 better component set at a given price point, or rather pay 1/4 less for a given group.

Ill be buying in the next couple weeks and will post up what I buy for ridicule.
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