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Originally Posted by noimagination View Post
If you've never tried a "BIG $" jersey, and you're happy with the ones you've got, then the answer to your question is: there is no reason.

I have inexpensive jerseys (Performance brand, Canari, others from organized rides) and "BIG $" jerseys (SMS, Castelli, and the like). The "BIG $" jerseys are much more comfortable, are longer in the torso, have pockets that are easier to access, and are prettier (to my eyes). They also tend to last longer (the Canari jerseys, in particular, fell apart rather quickly). I rarely wear the inexpensive jerseys, but I have to admit they do the job, just not quite as well.

As to whether the extra expense is worth it, that is a personal evaluation.

BTW, you can often find "BIG $" jerseys on sale. I have never spent more than $85 on a jersey, personally, and that was to use up a LBS gift certificate I received. (Note: when buying at a discount, you might be stuck with National Champion jerseys, or trade team jerseys, or TDF jerseys, and that bothers some people.)
The neck on my Castelli jerseys is so much more comfortable than on my cheap ones. The cheap ones, either I leave the last bit unzipped and give up 10w, or I constrict my breathing and give up 30.
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