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Originally Posted by PepeM View Post
Is that bike crabon? It looks crabon. If it is, then obviously it is fast.
It is, that's def what did it! lol

Originally Posted by Jon T View Post
I've known it's the engine for over 50 years. You're just now finding that out? You're slow but you're catching on.
I'm new, and yes, a lil slow.

Originally Posted by noodle soup View Post
Your body position might be aero on TT bike, but at the expense of power production(or handling on rough roads)

Only 8 months of cycling? You'll get many PRs in the next few months/years.
Yup, definitely looking forward to continuing improvements.

Originally Posted by MinnMan View Post
Unless those PRs were set during sprints in which you went out solo, rather than doing much of the distance drafting, then it's the group dynamics that made you faster.

To say that this ride and your other PRs were all set during a group ride misses the point. If the group rode harder this time, then you got the benefit. If the group as a whole is speeding up as the riders get more fit later in the season, you got the benefit.

It may not be about bike, but in a group ride, it's the engines, not the engine - assuming that yours is good enough to keep from getting dropped.
Good point, I don't care to look that deep into it, it's just Strava lol I just thought it was interesting.
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