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Originally Posted by Zaskar View Post
Racing 101. You did it right

I don't think you're getting pushback on the gear side of the thread - it's really the PR on a group ride thing.

I think the takeaway here is the importance of the P in PR. This data is for you. Even if you did those rides solo, you'd get hammered with questions/pushback - What was the weather like? Was it colder? Hotter? Was there a headwind? Have you lost or gained weight? Same tires? Same pressure? Did you catch more traffic lights? and so on...

You know.
True, there are always mitigating factors. Was just an interesting data point to me. Being new to cycling, I'll admit that I've been caught up in the "I need X piece of gear to go faster" mindset. So I guess I just surprised myself that I could basically ride the same on what most would consider a "slower" bike.

Originally Posted by RChung View Post
Then ride it on your TT.
Now that would just be silly, everyone knows aero is faster I'm really not arguing that point, I set several solo PRs with the clip-on aero bars on my regular loop, it's amazing how much of a difference position makes, I would guess more than any other factor. An interesting comparison would be running the clip-on aero bars on my gravel bike (which the winner of the DK200 did).
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