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Originally Posted by Mad Honk View Post
I am currently rebuilding all of my race bikes from the 1980's. They were all in storage when a fire occurred, suspicious at best, but about $11,000 in damages. All are in process of powder coating, and finding decal sets to restore them. All were race wheels: Campi high flange hubs and GP 4 rims and Vitoria tyres. The rims are all in need of replacement as well as spokes from the heat damage. But they were 3X patterns except for one special 3X by radial on a drive wheel for my Ochsner. If I was doing any touring, it would definitely be four cross patterns for those wheels. The 4X deals with loads better than the 3X (more appropriate for race type wheels). JMHO, MH
Wow, sorry to hear about the damage. Just a bit of old school info. Falerio Masi specified all his house built bikes have 36h 4x wheels, even here in the US.
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