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Originally Posted by rpenmanparker View Post
IMO and IME you don't talk about jaw pain, you do something about it. You don’t get a bunch of second chances. My brother was having “heartburn” when playing tennis. He called and asked me what to do? Seriously? Quad bypass. The folks who have pain without a heart attack are the lucky ones. I wasn’t so lucky. Don’t ignore it. If it is serious, it won’t warn you forever. See a cardiologist. A village GP may be a fine doctor, but is in no position to help you properly.
Cardiologist as soon as I return from Belize.
one general tip for when the exact hub cone is not readily available. discovered that the curvature of the bearing surface on the shimano 600 was a pretty good "skeleton key" for many applications. it would sometimes require a small change in ball size to make everything come out correctly.
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