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I've been going back and forth between hydraulic and cable brakes on my bike. I must have reused the same tape over four or five swaps. Still seems to be fine, even when I ignore the "set" the tape has taken.

I figure if the adhesive ever does start to slip, I can always just put a layer of carpet tape on the bar.

Okay, let's count the changes:
  1. Initial use with cable brakes
  2. Upgrade to hydraulics
  3. Switch back to cables while the hydraulics were being warrantied
  4. Brand new hydraulic levers
  5. Switch to cable preparing to sell bike (sale fell through)
  6. Switch from 10sp to 11sp with cable brakes
  7. Switch back to 10sp because that was a wider range cassette
  8. Switch to 11sp hydraulic (and new cassette)
It sure seems like Cinelli cork ribbon has changed. The adhesive on the older stuff seemed to stick to the bars better and the tape would rip. Now, I guess the tape substrate is a lot more polyurethane with just a bit of cork in it, so it doesn't tear apart.

Or maybe it's the powder coated bar I'm using now? And the adhesive doesn't stick as well as with bare aluminum?

Or maybe I'm more of a slob and my hands now get more oil and grease on the bar, weakening the adhesive.

One thing I really should do is replace the electrical tape on both the bar tape ends and the pieces holding the cables down under the bar tape.
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