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Took part in Bike Miami (our local, makeshift Ciclovia) Part Deux.

A significant dud - only 10% as many people in comparison to the first event in November. Nevertheless, a heck of a lot of fun, and most of the local, lugged steel fixie team showed up. A fellow with a near-minty '73 Raleigh International - complete with Honjo fenders - was also there, along with the owner of Mack Cycle riding upon her all-chrome '72 Paramount P15-9. Regretfully, I do not have a photo of either bike.

We did a couple of laps around the Bayfront Park fountain for a photo shoot:

Erik, star rider of the local Alleycat leads on his Cannondale Track; followed by Mike on his '85 Team Pro:

Holdsworth (fellow's name escapes me - sorry!), a Jamis, and Rydel on the inside, on his Sempion:

Erik on the outside; I'm on the inside with the '61 Paramount:

Mike on the '85 Team Pro, Naveed on his Fuji Obey, followed by the Holdsworth:

Yours truly being corny:

Mad Peloton Skillz:

Debate about Alleycat checkpoints, Brooks saddles galore (not visible is the Brooks Swift on Naveed's Fuji, or my Paramount's Brooks B15 in the obscured background. Come to think of it, all four bikes in the area of this photo were "Brooks'ed"):

P.S.: Despite riding fixed, you will be glad to know that the local fellows are against Drew'ing frames - not a single machine here has had a Dremel come near it.


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