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Assuming you updated to disc brakes:
I find that all of my disc bikes chatter a bit from time to time. The biggest factor I think is the rotor size in relation to the fork rating. My Rockshox Recon has a max rating of a 203mm rotor. The 180mm rotor has almost no chatter I can detect at all.

My Woundup forks have a 180mm rotor diameter rating and 180mm rotors. They chatter a bit, but it's minor, predictable, and doesn't seem to make any difference one way or the other.

I had a bike with a 160mm rotor rating. The 180mm rotor "pulsing" was an irritating problem. Eventually it got "weird" and the fork started to seperate where the crown fitted into the fork blade.

I think it may also be related to the cut outs in the disc providing a different amount of friction as it passes through the brake pads.

You might go with a smaller rotor with more thermal mass like a 140 or 160 mm road rotor if that is an option to lower the torque on the fork blade. The higher thermal mass will help prevent fade as the smaller rotor is under a higher heat load to do the same job as a big rotor.

I've been pleased with IceTech rotors, but there is plenty to choose from.

If you still have canti's of whatever flavor, it's probably your toe-in adjustment, your pads them selves, or a combination of the 2. We here at BF will suggest Kool-Stop Salmon for any and all situations in life. They will also call your Mom and invite her to tea because they are the bestest friend you & your bike can have.

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