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Originally Posted by MattTheHat View Post
Except the OP didn't mention potatoes.

I see exactly how the answer relates. The OP feels his decision making process is complicated when he sees someone stopped in the middle. You or I or @render ranger apparently would not find complication in the situation, but that doesn't mean the OP doesn't.

My point is, if you disagree, responding "I disagree" or "you're wrong" or "get more riding skills" makes perfect sense. Responding "Why are you afraid to answer the question?" is just...weird.
Frankly, I thought the whole exchange was a bit off on both sides, but I'll just say my piece on why I thought it's actually an interesting and really unanswered question. The bigger argument is whether we should, as cyclists, obey lights and signs even when doing so offers us no safety benefit and endangers no one else. This is a pretty clear case of a harmless rule break, so I don't think there's any harm in asking how this "complicates" OP's decision making, and I do find it strange that OP won't explain how it does.

We could probably do a whole semester's worth of an undergraduate logic seminar on our different interpretations of the words "vague" and "clear", but I'm going to pass on another round of that and just say I don't get what OP's complaint is really about because "it complicates my thought process" clarifies absolutely nothing.
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