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Originally Posted by ooga-booga View Post
tried to construct routes a few times using rwgps and routes came out/interface was okay. find it easier and relatively accurate to use strava route builder
(not sure if this is part of the "free" strava but i'd doubt it)
I use both RWGPS and Strava. Both the FREE versions.

The last time I checked, Route planning was free on Strava, but only gave a GPS map (which was free to use).
One can also dump GPX from RWGPS to Strava, although, they used to have a traffic error, I think, so the conversion worked easier late at night than mid-day.

RWGPS also allows route planning, but only allows printable instructions, and not the GPS interface.
Originally Posted by Sy Reene View Post
Can someone maybe guess why RWGPS (which is great for creating/exporting routes for Garmin unit use thru a PC) it isn't possible or available to plan or create a route thru the phone app?
It's not like the phone's processor really does any of the work, nor rely on maps already resident on your phone. It's all done in the cloud, right?
Originally Posted by maartendc View Post
I guess it would be too cumbersome to plan a route by putting waypoints on a phone screen with your finger.
Yes, there are some things that the App lacks (both Strava and RWGPS), which includes route planning and cropping rides.

On occasion, I have gone to the Strava website using Chrome on my phone. It complains about not using the app, but it does work on chrome. And, I have successfully made Strava routes on my phone. And, it does accept the touch interface just fine.


Ok, so differences between Strava (FREE) and RWGPS (FREE)
  • Strava Route Planner, Free. Primarily for GPS use on device.
    RWGPS Route Planner, allows printing, and cue sheets, but no GPS on phone.
  • RWGPS has "Handlebar mode". Good and bad with this, but one can blank the screen and reactivate without a finger swipe.
  • RWGPS requires press and hold on pause button. Hopefully this reduces accidental bumps.
    Touch the stop button, and Strava stops.
  • RWGPS has several metrics displayed real-time, and these are selectible (with 2 screens possible). Note climbing is way off real-time.
    Strava has a very limited display of information real-time.
  • Strava has race segments, and seems to be better for social groups.
  • Strava can convert GPX to routes, but as mentioned above, I've had troubles with this mid-day, and it works better late at night.
  • Strava, hit the wrong button when using a route offline, and poof the route is gone (think back to main menu kills it).
    No data if that is an issue with RWGPS as I don't have that feature.

One thing that both systems seem to have issues with is stored map data. Perhaps I need to hunt Google settings more, but I run the systems offline, and often get blank maps (with only either the route line, or where I've been).

I'd at least expect that if I downloaded a route, Strava would also download the associated maps.
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