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I long ago got over the idea that I could expect to return to an unmolested expensive bike left unattended.

So, for my errands, I always use a decent-but-inexpensive thrift-store-find bike, and with a good well-used (damaged-looking) saddle on it from one of my club-ride bikes.
My hybrid has a suspension seatpost that I don't want to lose, so I use LocTite on the clamp bolt so that it takes two Allen wrenches to loosen (Allen bolt plus Allen nut from a brake pad).

I use a short rope-style lock with large-diameter tubular armor over the cable that will at least resist a quick cut, and since the bike is pretty heavy (including urban tires, so no patch kit or pump), so it can't so easily be carried away.

When I need to shop while out on my road bike, I use it like a shopping cart and just walk through the store. I recommend good safe-walking cleats like SPD-SL for walking on tile and linoleum.

Some stores will allow bike parking in any unused checkstand aisle at the low-traffic times of day, and a mini cable sidearm lock (also armored type to resist pocket cutters) that fits in a pocket will prevent ride-away incidents there, or at the coffee stop.

Luckily I haven't lost more than an old headlight for quite some time now. I normally take my headlight with me and no one has taken my bolted-on taillight yet.

I also recommend never to clean any bike that will be left outside since you basically don't want it to look like merchandise.
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