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I finally caved and got a smartphone ("smart") a couple months ago. I can't justify the Apple tax, so I got Android. Which is an example of what tyrion was talking about, in less explicit form. Apple so far does respect user privacy, but you pay a premium for it; Android (from Google; and its app ecosystem), on the other hand, collects every piece of data it can get its hands on, but phones based on Android are typically cheaper. It's in the privacy agreements which no one reads because they're so long. (And even if you read them once, are you really going to reread them every time an app updates?)

The reason I haven't gotten one before now is because I think it's insane to conduct one's life with all the data about it flowing through Google's (and Facebook's) hands. Yet, that's the world we've consented to, and it's now all but impossible to participate in that world except around the thinnest margins without a smartphone, which is why I caved. This is nuts and I hate it.
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