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Originally Posted by Metaluna View Post
Every rim/tire combination is different, but as long as it doesn't interfere with tire mounting, then using edge-to-edge tape allows the bead to press down on the edges of the tape, sealing them off and preventing sealant from working its way under the tape and migrating towards a spoke hole under pressure. Maybe if I were using Gorilla Tape I would be less worried about this since the adhesive is much stronger. Also, if you ever need to unseat the tire, I would be concerned that the bead would scrape across the edge of a narrow tape (especially if you have a double layer), pulling it up. If the tape is edge-to-edge, then the bead is already in contact with the tape, so when it pulls away from the hook it should just slide over the tape with minimal damage. On the other hand, wider tape is easier to mangle with a tire lever so it's tricky either way.
Gorilla tape isn't really sealant rated and also is thicker. That MAY make tire installation worse and the sealant MAY dissolve the adhesive/tape over time. Better to spend a $ more and get tape that is tubeless rated.
you are right with the variety of tire/rim combinations. Unfortunately bicycle tubeless tires and rims aren't as standardized as car systems (but also is much lighter). But still best to use actually tubeless rated equipment (tire, rim, tape)
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