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Originally Posted by chuckfox
Greenfix, I love the bikes and the dog. His/Her eyes appear to reflect almost as well as the material on the back of your shoes! I have a yellow and a black lab here they find their way into many of our pictures.

How do you like your brake setup on the C-dale? It looks nice and clean, just wondering how it feels with the levers mounted backwards?


Mulligan (the dog), pretty much wants to insert herself between me and whatever I am working on, it is one of things that I enjoy about her.

It took me a while to get those brakes worked out. The Scott bars are mountain bars, and are thinner than the bars I pulled the levers off. They are also not designed to have the brakes mounted out on the bends, which is where I wanted to mount them. It took me a while to figure out where I could put them, and still have enough clearance so that when I pull the levers, I wasn't hitting the bars before the brakes fully engaged. There were 1 or 2 spots where I could place the brake levers, and where they ended up is the most comfortable. It actually rides pretty nice. The bars are comfortably wide, and the lever pull is natural when my hands are on the ends of the bars. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I rarely ride int he drops, so bullhors, make sense to me. On the few test rides I have taken I have also found that a natural position for my hands is on the section of the brake levers attached to the bars, again pretty confortable on short rides. Unfortunately, I have developed some pretty serious knee pain, so my cycling has slowed down, and I have not been able to put many miles on this bike yet. I'll probably post an edit after my first long ride on this bike.

Happy riding

Edit: I forgot to mention, my next project is to try to relocate the shifting on this bike. I have discovered I am not a fan of the downtube shifters. I do not think bar end shifters will fit in these bars, so I was considering thumb shifters mounted under the bars toward the ends. That way I would have the brakes and shifting all at my finger tips. Any ideas or experiences with this would be greatly appreciated.
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