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There were a few momos on our group ride a few weeks ago who were ruining our ride. 3 friends, apparently...when they would rotate to the front, they would slow the pace EVERY time!!!!(these guys are strong enough, but like to play games like this, also just sitting in the whole time and sprinting at the end). After about 10 miles or so of this I was getting really annoyed and started 'voicing' my frustration, not yelling but loud enough to make it known. So these guys are on the front, and again bringing the pace down to 21 or so from the 26-27 we were keeping it at...then, from behind me my buddy Matt "WHAT THE **** ARE YOU MOTHER ****ERS DOING? STOP DROPPING THE PACE OR GET THE **** OFF THE FRONT'' It was so loud it startled me. It was friggin great. Good quality yelling. They didnt stay for coffee after the ride. Havent seen them since!
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