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Sunday's weather was supposed to start out a bit cool, but the afternoon would top 70F. It was a great chance to get out for a century. Unfortunately, my Garmin had mysteriously discharged during the night. Now, I recognize that a GPS is not a prerequisite for riding a bike, but I had reasons for waiting around for a bit of a charge. For one, I'm personally interested in the data tracks -- not just the statistics, but the points themselves, and keep extensive backups. Two, and primarily, I am hoping to try an unsupported backcountry tour where the GPS coordinates and compass will be vital for navigation: a hasty charge and a long ride offered the perfect real-world trial.

Messing with the Garmin meant I didn't leave until 11am -- despite prepping my jacket and arm warmers, by the time I left it was sunny enough outside to trim down to base layers. The late start left me charging confidently (and stubbornly) into a headwind to buy as much time as possible. I was also trying to hit the donut shop before close at 2pm -- I was quite happy with myself, arriving at Naeglin's bakery just in time for a oversized cinnamon roll. Being one of the last customers offered a clear picture with the larger than life mural across the lot.

After the bakery was the lovely ride up (and eventually back down) River Road -- with 10 miles of slow two lane road with great views. Traffic was light (which might have been because of the Superbowl game); I made record time on the trip.

By mile 70, I had made up my time and more. The last 30 miles were mostly flat with a comfortable tailwind, but it had been a strong ride and even the easy hills were starting to hurt. The tailwind helped maintain my average speed. I made it home just before sunset; rather than stand, I sat to dice my vegetables for dinner.

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