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Jan 2019 Fiesta Island 20K ITT, Women's Open, 1st of 3, muddy conditions

Fiesta Island TT this morning. We had four days of rain this week but its been dry for 2 days, so I was surprised to see a wet/sandy/muddy road surface on the island today. Cool (50F) with light winds, maybe 4-5 mph from the ESE. I.e. slow conditions.

I was the last of 3 starts. Passed my 30 second woman halfway through the first lap, passed my 60 sec woman on the finishing stretch.

Rode it reasonably well. This is 3 laps of a completely flat circuit. When you look at it lap by lap, my splits were pretty even which is ok for this course and day (temp only warmed by 2 degrees during the race). But the front side of each lap was a tailwind segment, and the back side was a head wind. My intent was to ride the headwind sections of each lap at slightly higher power than the tailwind sections and I executed that well: lap 1 and 2 headwind power 1.5% greater than tailwind power, lap 3 headwind power was 3% greater than tailwind power. Seems about right, it wasn't much wind. We'll see what @Racer Ex thinks of it, maybe I should have shot for a bigger delta between head and tailwind sections of the course.

Otherwise raced conservatively. I knew the competition today and suspected the other women I was racing against would be more conservative than me. Same power as my Oct race on this course, 40 sec slower. I'm in better shape now, and my HR was around 4 bpm below what I can peg in a 20K TT. So definitely a sub-ferocious effort but it got the job done. Happy with it.

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