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Do you ever just get in the mood to buy SOMETHING?

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Do you ever just get in the mood to buy SOMETHING?

Old 03-15-20, 11:48 AM
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Do you ever just get in the mood to buy SOMETHING?

A deal to buy some Mavic Helium Anniversary wheels (I know not C&V) just fell through and I am just in the mood. I feel like I need (want) a project although right now I am still not riding much due to back pain (awaiting my appointment). There was the “Max Patina” International for sale, in my size. There’s not much local. Blah blah blah.

Just wondering if I am alone on this or if you guys just get in a “mood”?
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Old 03-15-20, 11:57 AM
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Yes, unfortunately. I just find myself browsing... and think to myself, why?
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The paramount i was going to pay for and pick up wednesday was just withdrawn. The owner decided to keep it, or so he said. I had just spied a 76 motobecane grand touring frameset with vitus 172 tubing at a low price and i now feel better. It was a lot cheaper too. So yes .....
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Old 03-15-20, 12:16 PM
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Yes, that was today. Bought myself some parts for the SilverAce. Should give me something to do next weekend.
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Old 03-15-20, 12:17 PM
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Bikes: Bikes??? Thought this was social media?!?

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nice tubular tires on sale.

waiting for Spesh Hell o th North tubs to offer discount. tan walls for c&v content

and a 25 Veloflex tan wall.

and I want to try the Wolfpack brand

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I have to try hard to remind myself that I have some really cool project frames already, and that any money I invest in new frames or bikes will only mean that I need to make the hard choice to let something go before it's even come to fruition, which also brings the additional effort of selling and likelihood of losing cash...

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Old 03-15-20, 04:05 PM
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Yes and it resulted in an apartment balcony chock full of bikes, frames and parts, now I am down to 3 bikes, 2 projects and 1 bike I will flip in the spring and a clean balcony! YMMV
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Old 03-15-20, 04:12 PM
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I look for deals on consumables. I look for clearance sales on lined brake housing in a color I think I might want... Same for bar tape... Sometimes tires...
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Plus or minus a few others from time-to-time

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Old 03-15-20, 08:47 PM
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Always, never a dull moment, really glad when something cool pops up and its not my size, the queue is already a mile long and resources are stretched to the limit.

Still didn't stop me from dropping $50 at Boulder bikes today, some of their deals are tough to beat.
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Old 03-17-20, 10:45 AM
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Cripes - i never get out of the mood. And that is part of the formula that contributes to the N+1virus that seems to be not sweeping the planet, creating problematic issues for some of us!-(
"98% of the bikes I buy are projects".
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Old 03-17-20, 02:11 PM
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Constantly. I keep cruising CL, even though it's 95% big box crap and 5% big ticket plastic mt & road bikes. I have three bikes; two in a perpetual state of not quite finished and one at the powder coater's. That's all the bikes I want. Not sure why I checked out the pawn shop (where I found my ❤️ bike, the RockHopper) last week. All junk. And what if it wasn't? We're already at S+3, where S=storage, it's not like I'd buy it.

::grumblegrumblewhinemoancomplain:: My workplace closed yesterday, it's cold and raining, and I'm already bored. This doesn't bode well for the next two weeks.
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Old 03-17-20, 02:43 PM
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always something on the list.... right now a set of 11 speed tubular wheels......and a new wetsuit for sup and windsurf....but am trying to avoid and save up for a custom at some point
Looking for more time to ride what I have
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Old 03-17-20, 02:53 PM
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This very moment, I have a bid in for some pedals that I absolutely do not need. I admit to feeling a little joy every time I have something "on the way." I justify it by saying that I just need to sell x, y, or z to make up some or all of the amount, but I never get around to listing...
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Old 03-17-20, 03:41 PM
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Old 03-17-20, 04:02 PM
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It certainly doesn't take much.

Last Friday, at the office, I was showing a colleague some examples of front end web design that I liked, and one of them happened to be our local classifieds platform. Sure enough, my laptop logged me in automatically and presented what it thought I would like.

After a quick "hold on" to my colleague and a few well-placed taps on my keyboard I was the new owner of these. I will need them someday.

The problem with an affliction for 60's bikes: born too late!

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For me it is something that I think I need,but don't really. Something a bike builder/hoarder is always doing. Like; Why do I need another campy head set when I have three? Smiles, MH
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Old 03-18-20, 08:21 PM
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Do you ever just get in the mood to buy SOMETHING?

Well, other than hookers and blow?
No. It's not the cure for what ails me.

Then again....
Robbie ♪♫♪...☻
I have unfinished business.

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Some time back in a discussion on this forum regarding great deals found on bikes and spouse and/or space problems, someone commented that just because the bike is a great deal, it doesn’t mean that it has to be your great deal. That thought has occasionally helped to quell the feeling that I NEED to buy something. The operative word is “occasionally”.
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Old 03-19-20, 08:47 AM
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Decided a while back to convert my MIELE MTB bike with a dropbar and cantilever brakes to V-brakes. I did that and then decided to convert it to all black components. Just like the looks of black components on this particular bike.

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Old 03-19-20, 04:23 PM
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Bikes: Bikes??? Thought this was social media?!?

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This thread reminded me it was time to price check a couple of things on the wish list.

PlanetX has their Holdsworth crank on sale for under $100USD, with 20% off that price. So I bought a few things to get the total over $100, but no tracked free shipping, unless i missed something. Still happy

Holdsworth replica crank, with drilled 48/34 rings and 172.5 crank arms. Going on the Holdsworth (Irish branded Harding) Special. Lower gearing sensible for our local hills and 70year old legs.

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Never in my life do I want to buy bikes or bike parts ever. That is why I only have like 16 bikes/frames and boxes of parts and build sheets for current and future builds that I want to do or have thought about doing. I think buying bikes and parts is utterly stupid. Why would someone say build a touring bike a fixed gear road bike a single speed cross bike, a ti road bike, 4 steel road bikes (on the vintage end), a modern ti mountain bike, a vintage ti mountain bike, a few steel parts hybrids (granted two are small and will be for sale), a steel adventure/gravel/all-road bike? You would have to be mad to do that.
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I have a long list of "wants", Needs I try to rationalize as whether it will be useful with in the near future. The sliding scale comes in with my analysis of fair market value. So I do have an embarrassing pile of wanted things that I came across at 20 cents on the dollar. Last year I made regular runs to an old school bike shop that was closing down. Everything was half off the marked price, and the stickers where all 1989 prices and every purchase came with additional free bike junk.
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I was just thinking the other day how everything is more valuable when I think of them in "Bike Dollars". Bike Dollars is the amount of money I saved from another purchase that allows me to purchase another bike..... It's a sad world I live in, for sure.
2013 Schwinn Paramount Series 8, 2015 Specialized Roubaix Competition, 2008 Trek Portland, 1986 Schwinn LeTour, 1985 Peugeot PGN-10, 1986 Schwinn Voyageur
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For the last few years I've tried to buy a new bike tool instead of a new bike part when this urge comes over me. I have a strong preference for VAR over Park Tool, and there are often random ebay dealers with small lots of random VAR items. My apogee was buying the VAR headset cup press for something like $200 below list price two years ago... it really is better than Park Tool's though. I also check craigslist for yard sales and go regularly on the weekends as preventative maintenance. But the desire to buy has declined in the last year since I started spending money on machine tools and shop space.
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Oh yeah!

Was out on a ride last week and ran out of water. Knew of a Gatorade vending machine outside the rec center.

Totally in the mood to plunk down on that Gatorade!
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