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Pasela PT

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Jon T
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Pasela PT

My old Pug has Rigida hookless 27" rims. I've had good service from the Kenda K35's on it--3 years flat-free. I want to try a set of Pasela PT's on them. Does any one have experience with the PT's on hookless rims? Specifically the 27x 1 1/4. I'll be getting the steel beads, not the folders.
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No experience with the Pasela.
But would it be too much trouble for you to post a pic of your PH10LE on the thread by a newbie on his black PH10LE?

Back to Pasela.

FYI - I owned a Carbolite103 PH10 - liked the bike, but it was sooooo much better with 700c wheels and supple tires. Just my .02 cents.
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Originally Posted by Wildwood View Post
but it was sooooo much better with 700c wheels and supple tires.
Non-PT Paselas are fairly supple. Not sure about PTs... some of Panaracer's flat-protection schemes are pretty stiff.
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Not an issue on hookless rims. I'm running them on an early 70s Motobecane Grand Record with hookless rims.

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You should be good at 80 psi or less.

You know it's going to be a good day when the stem and seatpost come right out.

(looking for a picture and not seeing it? Thank the Photobucket fiasco.PM me and I'll link it up.)
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I ran them on my Paramount with hookless rims before having the wheels rebuilt. No issues.
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I run both regular and PT wire beads on several bikes with hookless ava rims. Where I need more pressure (taking into account rear wheel load) I have gone to 90 with no issues. The tires are recommended to 105 min. They also fit tight to the rim. I experiment with the pressure to get to a 15% drop per the Frank Berto method. Makes for a comfortable ride with either tire.
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Jon T
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Bikes: '84 Peugeot PH10LE

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Thanks all.
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Do make sure to check the beads are seated properly, though, before getting them up to full pressure.
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Unless you’re regularly riding rough gravel, I would eschew PT and stick with straight Pasela. I run over a 50m section of dirt-embedded river rock on my daily commute and standard 38mm Paselas hold up fine - just got to slightly unweight the saddle and use a modicum of body English.

Compared to finer tires, like Rene Herse/Compass, I find the Paseas to be a bit squirmy in hard corners, so I don’t use them for performance machines. But I do have them on a handful of bikes in sizes varying from 25mm to 38mm - mostly in 700c (I much prefer to convert from 27” yo 700c but understand that not everybody does).
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Pasela TG vs PT Tires

I've been running Pasela TourGuard tires since 2007. They have a smooth ride at 90 psi and I'm running them on some hookless rims without any problem. I've never had a puncture flat with the TGs.

I have them on at least 20 bikes, mostly in 700 x 25c but also 23c, 28c and 27" x 1 1/8" sizes. I don't like the way the 700 x 23c TGs ride or handle compared to the larger sizes.

A few months ago I got a 3mm casing cut right at the tread/sidewall juncture on one of the tires that I bought in 2007. It has over 3000 miles on it. I replaced it with a new TG and I'm going to boot it to keep as a spare.

Last year I bought a pair of 700 x 25c Pasela ProTite tires. Panaracer claims that the puncture resistant belt under the tread is 24% stronger than on the previous TourGuard tires. That may be so but they come with a penalty: the PTs are noticeably stiffer riding than the older TGs.

@HTupolev - the plain, non belted Paselas do ride smoother but I like the puncture resistance of tires like the TGs with a Kevlar belt under the tread.

I bought a pair of 700 x 26c Gravel Kings to check out the side wall protection. I suspect the the entire casing is made of the same material as the under tread belts on the Pasela TG and PT tires.

Several places where I ride in the evenings have hard to see cracks in the pavement up to an inch wide that run parallel to the direction of travel. They're hard on sidewalls, especially on Conti's.

The Gravel Kings have a great feel when going straight. They accelerate and climb like sewups but the stiff side walls don't corner well. Also the tread material is soft and wears fast on paved surfaces. They offers very little in the way of puncture resistance in the tread. Picked up a goathead last time out.


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I've ridden the TourGuards and the PT tires. I like them.
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Jon T
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Thanks again to all.
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