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rotator cuff

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rotator cuff

7 years ago I got hit by a car and had a partial tear of my right supraspinatus. Just p/t'd it out and on I went.

This past Feb I toppled (pushed 'walk' button on signal with left hand, just flat flopped to the right) onto my right shoulder and dislocated it. It reassembled itself while I was on the sidewalk trying to figure out how to get up. Took a week off the bike. The following week I was riding super slow toward a bike rack when I hit a sidewalk crack/pothole when I was totally not expecting it and jarred my right arm straight back. That hurt a lot. The following month I had a lot of spontaneous near dislocations but I usually caught them in time. Went to p/t eventually, decided my external rotation was just not happening, yesterday got arthrogram/MRI, confirm 100% tear of supraspinatus and 50% of infraspinatus. The supraspinatus tear is not giant (10 x 8 mm). Also there is a torn labrum. Not sure if it is worse than when it was initially torn in that 2012 collision.

So I am going to see an orthopedist week after next. No real idea what to expect. P/T suggested that since I am right handed he would say that surgery could be indicated if there were a complete tear. I have since learned that some complete tears are worse (or at least bigger) than others (maybe they are not worse, complete is complete).

I bike-commuted today over my wife's objection. Just riding (as long as I don't hit things) doesn't seem to impact the shoulder (not as much as climbing a ladder and cutting down snow-laden branches after an ice storm in between the initial dislocation and followup injury, and I did a lot of that).

Anyway, that is that. If they are doing surgery on the supraspinatus, would they reconnect the infra while they are there? And fix the labrum too? Or just do each item in individual procedures as warranted? There are also 'numerous loose bodies' in the bursa. That sounds fun. I don't know how easy it is to collect and remove all of those.
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It looks like I missed this post when it came up.

How did your doctor visits go? Surgery?

Mom has had both rotator cuffs worked on, both for range of motion as well as pain management.

The surgery helped alot with pain, and improved range of motion somewhat, although still not perfect. For her, as she got into her late 70's, one surgeon commented that it was really difficult to separate and reconnect the muscles.

Mom ended up with a complete shoulder replacement. Apparently there are two types:

Standard (ball on the humerus, socket in shoulder)
Reverse (ball in shoulder, socket on humerus).

For some things the "Reverse" shoulders are supposed to be more stable.

Good Luck
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Originally Posted by CliffordK View Post
.................... Mom ended up with a complete shoulder replacement. Apparently there are two types:

Standard (ball on the humerus, socket in shoulder)
Reverse (ball in shoulder, socket on humerus).

For some things the "Reverse" shoulders are supposed to be more stable.

Good Luck
Which procedure depends on conditions of shoulder at the time ---

" ....A standard total shoulder replacement depends upon muscles and tendons around the shoulder joint to be intact. A normal shoulder replacement is designed to work only if those tendons are intact. In contrast, a reverse prosthesis is designed for situations where the rotator cuff is torn or malfunctioning..... "

YEARS AGO my first ortho tells me.... "Good news is tendons are fine and bad news is a total shoulder replacement is needed." Three years and 3 ortho surgeons later I had my right shoulder replaced by the doctor who told me I would be able to get back on my bike 2 days following the total replacement surgery. I waited until the 3rd day to go for a ride.
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