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USPS.. Don't USE!!

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USPS.. Don't USE!!

Old 03-13-18, 02:27 PM
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Originally Posted by barnfind View Post
The biggest issue I've had lately with USPS has been packages showing up as scanned and delivered but not having yet arrived.
I had a box show as 'delivered' last week. Yet it was not here. Two days later it showed up as being in route from the local depot to my local PO, AFTER it showed being Delivered? It showed up three days later in my mailbox with no further scans.
I've had more than 5 packages in the past year show up as delivered after 3 days, yet not show up for almost a week. I'm not sure how that can happen unless the carrier is scanning them and tossing them back in the incoming mail bin in the truck?
I've had this happen a number of times recently as well.
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Old 03-13-18, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Chombi1 View Post
The damage looks to be intentional and I think, a criminal act of destruction of property by USPS workers. You can tell a knee/leg was pressed down on one side of the box to crush it down. How they even twisted the box to the way it looked is a bit amazing. looks like they ran it over with some sort if vehicle. to do that.
I'm not seeing the "intentional," nor am I seeing 'run over with a vehicle.'

It's a smooshed box.
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Old 03-13-18, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by canklecat View Post
I was listening to an NPR interview with some folks studying packaging and shipping. Their study indicated packages are dropped on average 17 times before final delivery.

That didn't surprise me. I worked on a freight dock about 25 years ago. Boxes are rarely picked up and carefully placed down. They're tossed. Not with deliberately attempt at abuse. But tossed because it's quicker and when you get the knack it settles boxes snugly into trucks to maximize space.

Little or no consideration is given to how much load a box can handle. There's no time for that. We'd heft a box and quickly guesstimate whether it could withstand being near the bottom of a stack.

The goal was to stack and stairstep everything so it would either be self-supporting or, if something tumbled, it was tumble down a stair formation of other packages. If we had time and material we'd use dunnage -- scrap boxes and materials -- to reinforce the loading. Basically, just shoving bits of scrap cardboard between stacks and stairsteps to keep them more or less in place.

During the earliest era when trade with China was opened and cheap Chinese goods flooded in, mostly headed for dollar and discount stores, the Chinese manufacturers and shippers used the cheapest, flimsiest packaging. If you bought items made in China, you remember how flimsy the packaging was (and still is in some cases). Well, their shipping containers weren't much better. They often packed dozens of items into cartons that barely qualified as "cardboard". Usually the thinnest, flimsiest, cheapest possible corrugation methods, a couple of pieces of stiff brown paper with some corrugation between them. That's about all. Those cartons could barely support their own weight, let alone stacking.

During a winter holiday rush season our official instructions and policies for handling were ignored. Supervisors would roam the dock, cracking the whip, yelling FASTER, FASTER!!!

I was loading a truck with lots of Chinese glass and crystal ware. The cartons were flimsy. After awhile the supervisor was pressuring me more and more to finish loading. I finally began throwing the cartons as hard as I could from the tailgate toward the front to save a few steps. All over the dock you could hear glass shattering inside the cartons. The supervisor grinned as said "That's the way to do it!"

Often those cartons would collapse under their own weight when loaded onto pallets moved by forklifts. Even when wrapped in plastic to contain the mess, the boxes were crushed.

I never saw anyone deliberately destroy a package, but packages were often damaged in routine handling under heavy pressure from management.

I suspect managers and owners knew insurance would cover the losses, and most insurance claims would be denied or slow-walked until the claimants gave up.

So while the official policy was careful package handling, at times that was ignored in favor of rushing the jobs.

The damage in those photos looks very much like what happens when you need to cram in one more box that wasn't in the original bill of lading. Someone drops off a container just as you're about the close the gate. It's gotta go in and your careful stacking and stairstepping goes to hell. So you jam and cram and knee it into place.

So if you're shipping anything that can be damaged. double box it, or use a sturdy single box and plenty of crushable inner padding. The key is to leave plenty of crush space, like modern cars are designed to protect occupants.

BTW, it might not just be the USPS. Many shipments nowadays use hybrid shipping. The damage may have been caused by a contractor or other carrier somewhere in the stream. It's possible USPS was only the final delivery agent, not the one packing the truck or transferring between trucks.
"Stair stepping" boxes by shippers make me cringe. Especially when I think of the two wheelsets I received not too long ago from UPS with crushed boxes and big boot prints on it, despite the "Fragile" labels put on it by the sender and the boxes clearly labeled with the bicycle wheel brand and symbols.
Yes;, they did tweak the wheels on me, but fortunately I was able to fix them on my truing stand.
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Old 03-13-18, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Jicafold View Post
Well, you can't save $5 on each end or you would have to drop off your package and then also pick up your same package at the other end. You mean you save $5 on either end...either picking up, or dropping off.
Yes. Since you have to pay up front, if you choose to have pickup and delivery, you'd be out $10, regardless of who's picking up and dropping off.
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Old 03-13-18, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Chombi1 View Post
Sorry if I hit a nerve there, ......
No sweat, no nerve here. The last time I worked for any carrier was back in 1968. But I did own a wholesale business and shipped tons of stuff via UPS, Fedex, and near the tail end, USPS.

I invested significantly in training my packers in how to pack so stuff arrived in good shape. It paid off in that we had a near zero claims rate (so low that we never bought insurance), and our customers noted the difference in problems to be dealt with.

You obviously feel abused by the driver, and are right on that score. On the bright side, packages that are dropped without signature are not legally delivered, so you still haven't lost any rights re claims.

My only point and the only reason I posted was your implication of malicious intent. You're most likely wrong on that score because intent would require work, and the real issue is that workers are lazy, poorly trained or supervised, and pressed for greater productivity. Dropping packages without signature saves enough time that the carrier comes out ahead, even after paying claims. If that weren't true, they'd change the rules and penalize drivers who did so.
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