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What is this?

Old 04-07-20, 09:14 PM
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What is this?

So this was in my Ebay recommendations and it caught my eye.

Now of course I was not thinking of purchasing it, but it did make me think a bit. My knowledge on bikes/BSOs are not as vast as other people here so I wanted to ask what makes this bike specifically bad/a BSO? To the layman it looks like a great deal. It says it has Shimano Tourney derailleurs and mechanical disc breaks and at 270 that looks like a great deal, right? Even some 400$ bikes don't have mechanical disk breaks. I think its obvious that this bike's main point is style and its point is that it looks like all those fancy expensive road bikes, but if somebody who was just getting into bikes asked me "Why shouldn't I buy this bike", I would not be able to answer them.

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Old 04-08-20, 04:40 AM
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Mag wheels...

I wouldn't buy it cause it's ugly af but that's just me...
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It's something I wouldn't put my 159 pounds on.
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Some of the Amazon reviews are absolutely brutal. Appears to be its own brand name.
Run, don't walk away.
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But, it says "High Quality."
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Among the other pieces of info gleaned from the Amazon reviews: it weighs 33.5 pounds! Looks like crap.
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Old 04-11-20, 07:58 PM
Bikes are okay, I guess.
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Misspellings of simple words like "dual" make me immediately suspicious of the product. If the ad is off, what must the product be like?
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What are "daul" disc brakes?

This has been posted and beaten to death before.
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Originally Posted by GlennR View Post
This has been...beaten to death before.
Apparently not.
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Steel frame (steel is real?), 1x7 drive train, stem shifters, chainring guard on the whopping 42T chainring, and those wheels, which are probably where the extra 6 or 8 pounds come from? Stay FAR away!
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It is an abomination that gives Walmart BSO's instant credibility.
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If you see tourney and modern mag wheels made of aluminum or steel it is good idea to run far away. I would rather have higher quality mechanical rim brakes then whatever that bike uses to stop. Typically those cheap brakes have dime size pads which give new meaning to stopping on a dime except you are "stopping" with a dime.
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If somebody who was just getting into bikes asked you "Why shouldn't I buy this bike?" you could tell them a bunch of things:

-It's heavy. Like really heavy. If you are using cheap materials, to make them durable you just use more of them, increasing the weight. No thought has been put into lightening anything on the bike.

-The wheels are solid discs of magnesium and will give any rider the impression that they're riding through a deep puddle of treacle or peanut butter. Paired with heavy inner tubes and tires (low thread counts with lots of rubber for puncture protection), the wheels probably weigh a few kilograms on their own. The wheels most directly affect experienced ride quality, so the rider will need to work hard to get the wheels up to speed, and once moving in a direction, they will resist being turned; those bad boys will want to keep just going straight. Think of what a bike with Schwalbe Marathon green guard tires on it feels like and then multiply that.

-The Chinese crap bike makers like to trumpet their use of Shimano products from the rooftops, because it's a recognizable brand. Tourney is the absolute bottom of the barrel, though, and depending on what parts they use from the cheap stuff range, the bike would probably have a freewheel (the bearings are in the cog cluster as a unit) which is a generation older than the freehub technology that most new bikes have. It's not the end of the world, but again, that range uses the cheapest materials, breaks more frequently and wears out more quickly than other Shimano ranges. It's designed for a few hundred kilometers of lifetime use; like kids riding to the corner store and back. It's not designed to be ridden long and hard.

The parts and things look right, but they mimic more expensive versions that are made of far superior materials. Think of handlebars in general. Some manufacturers will have a lower model and a higher model. Both of them have the same degree of strength, it's just that the higher model is made with superior metal, using a more expensive forming technique and costs more money. It's just as strong as the cheaper version, but it's significantly lighter. Now look at this bike. To have sufficient strength in the handlebars etc, they need to be really heavy. They look the same as higher end versions on the surface, but as soon as you analyze the material, or weight them on scales, you realize that they're just cheap imitations of inferior quality.
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Buy it. Put it on the GCN "Hot or Not" upload. And also post a pic of it here next to some water. What could possibly go wrong?
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