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I've ridden through standing water that reaches above the BB on purpose just to clean all the mud from the trail off so I don't have to hose it down when I get home. I've also switched to cartridge BBs for ease of repair. You think the two might be related?
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I once visited a guy that lived in a boat with my new Team Raleigh 753 - one of the spare bikes from the tour. I cam out of the boat to see my bike was gone - no it wasn't it was hanging by the bars in the salt water. I road it home and spent the rest of the day over hauling and cleaning each bearing. But that was not intentional. Last time at the doc for 40 years maybe...
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Originally Posted by JonathanGennick View Post
^^^^ Same, though I tend to prefer not to be dipping my pedals either -- because I like to keep my feet dry.
I don't dip pedals.... but my feet gets wet anyways because I'll carry the bike, and walk through the water.
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I've gone past the wheel hubs and have had no problems. I repack about every 20-30 submergings.
Going through water is half the fun
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I rest my feet on the lower cross bar, to prevent them getting wet. I don't know the term for it. Not the cross bar or down tube, but the one in between (tandems/cruisers)
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But then why is it called marine grease?
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Iíve submerged axles and BBs crossing streams on mtbs many times over the past 20+ years. (sometimes riding, sometimes on foot when I need the bike for balance)

Never seems to have caused issues, though they are all sealed bearings.
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My apartment is basically surrounded by train overpasses, so it may be unavoidable. These things get flooded enough cops'll tape'm off and park there. I wish I coulda seen the cops face when I was towing a bmx bike, dipped under the tape, trudge-pedaling, dragging this bmx bike through about two feet of water.

A buddy of mine and me got caught in heavy rain and rolled through about 4ft in an overpass this spring I think. A truck blew past us and got stuck. We mighta been soaked, but we laughed as we rode past it. All you really could do is laugh, willingly riding through it.
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Turns out, bottom brackets, hubs, pedals - all serviceable. And, shops and the interwebs have bearings, grease...

It's a bike, not an oil painting. Ride it! Water-crossings are fun!

I've crossed creeks on road bikes, gravel bikes, mtn bikes... I have swum (it's swum, right mom?) across rivers pulling my mtn bike lashed to a flotation device... then road it for 60 miles... butter smooth.

Get'em wet!
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Willingly I wouldn't go past the bottom bracket. Unwillingly, I have gone about 3ft deep once - when I broke through the ice on a pond.
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I don't ride my road bike or our road tandem through more than an inch of water. But I've been caught in the rain several times with no ill effect.

Now, my mountain bike, my bikepacking bike and our mountain tandems are another animal all together. It hearkens back to my TD ITT back in 2017. I hit a stretch of road torn up by logging trucks and graded to keep the locals happy. If one wasn't careful, you could hit really sticky mud that would seize wheels and get gravel and sand in your drive train that makes it impossible to pedal. A couple of miles down the road, I found a raging mountain stream and was dunking as much of the drive train as possible to get the mud off of it. Never had any ill effects afterwards.
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I thought this was going to be a topic about people who bought super expensive bikes on credit and are now trying to sell them.
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