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Cycling Goals for 2017

Road Cycling “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.” -- Ernest Hemingway

Cycling Goals for 2017

Old 12-31-16, 06:22 AM
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Cycling Goals for 2017

Got anything interesting happening in 2017?

Some plans ... some challenges ... goals? These can be cycling, of course, but other goals in other sports and related areas are good too.

A reminder of past goals ...

2016 Goals - http://www.bikeforums.net/road-cycli...ls-2016-a.html
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2014 Goals - http://www.bikeforums.net/road-cycli...ted-goals.html
2013 Goals - 2012 Goals -
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10,000+ miles, go down to 160lbs again and upgrade to cat2.
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Train enough to do the Triple Bypass (Colorado) well enough to not be crushed at the end. Get down below 170 lbs, eat much healthier (low sugar and refined carbs especially important) and get some cross-training regularly...all to help me become a better and stronger cyclist.
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5,000 miles would be good. Let's see if I can get 250,000+ feet of climbing to go with it.

I'm hoping we get some good climbing days in on this cycling tour in May:
Signed up for Trip No. 2, "Finish Line," with this itinerary:
Day 1 - MAY 22 Arrival to Milan or Venice and transfer to your Hotel in Bormio Welcome meeting with the group and Bike Division Staff
Day 2 - MAY 23 Bikes Setup. Warm up ride (about 50 km). Giro: View Passo Stelvio “CIMA COPPI” (stage 16)
Day 3 - MAY 24 Guided Bike Ride - 60km ( Bormio-Passo Gavia-Passo Tonale) Giro: view GPM Passo Tonale
Day 4 - MAY 25 Guided Bike Ride - 50km Passo Gardena climb and arrival in Ortisei Giro: view Stage Arrival in Ortisei (stage 18)
Day 5 - MAY 26 Guided Bike Ride - 100 km Badia –Belluno
Day 6 - MAY 27 Guided Bike Ride - 60Km Belluno – Monte Grappa Giro: view Monte Grappa GPM (stage 20)
Day 7 - MAY 28 Guided Bike Ride - 50 km Monza – Milano Giro: view Milano - Finish zone (stage 21)

Also looking forward to some more great big group rides in the fall again, like the Highlands and NJ Gran Fondos, Bicycling Fall Classic, etc.

I'd set some kind of racing goal, but since I probably won't get plate removed from shoulder until summer, that's out. Not sure how quickly I could recover if the procedure is done next month instead (not sure if that's even a possibility yet).
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well hello there
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I meet a group of old high school friends, once a year, for a cycling vacation.
This year, I'm going to try and do it twice.

Two wheels good. Four wheels bad.
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for starters, ride once a week thru the winter, maybe even sneak in another commute if all possible conditions allow. come spring, more mileage on the unpaved rail trails I discovered this fall. would love to get in some higher mileage road bike rides when temps get 50 & over again. haven't seen anything over 30 miles in a long time. my quads & glutes are feeling neglected
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Barry Roubaix(gravel race/ride in Hastings Michigan), Ragbrai , D2R2 (gravel ride in MA), More riding overall and a least 3 century rides with one being a gravel ride (D2R2).
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Has a magic bike
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I'll play.

I only really have two goals and I'm not sure I'm going to realistically be able to accomplish either of them this year. So I have to see how it goes, I'll be happy even if I don't make the goals this year but just set myself up for success next year. Its a process and it takes a while.

1. Win the SoCal State Championship TT. It may be a tall order to win it this year. Failing that, I'd like to at least make the podium, which is a pretty realistic goal.
2. I'd like to beat my racing nemesis in a TT at least once.

Pretty much everything else I'll do on a bike this year will be somehow in support of those two goals. There will be plenty of fun in there too, though. Fortunately my coach is the type who sees happiness on the bike as productive to racing, so he manages it all very well to avoid burn out.

Fun things that are planned:
1. Week in Carmel, CA with my coach and another of his athletes- hanging out and just riding for fun (and probably drinking a little too much).
2. Multiple sail/mountain bike weekends to Catalina Island, plus one 10-day trip in early June. There's no mtn bike trails on the island, its all dirt roads with some long steep climbs. Peaceful way to get in some unconstructed work on a bike.
3. 10-ish days of riding at altitude in late Aug to give me a little turbo-boost at the start of my racing season (which is Sept-May). Hopefully Colorado (Breckenridge and Aspen), but we're also considering Park City Utah, Tahoe/Reno vicinity, Mammoth Lake CA, or Big Bear CA.
4. Some kind of aero testing- need to decide between doing this on the velodrome (which is currently available) vs holding out for doing it on the road, which is something that is 'coming soon'. I'll talk to my fitter about it next week, he's the guy who would do the testing.

That's it. Maybe improve my mtn biking skills, and I'd consider an endurance mtn bike race. But I might just reserve the mtn bike for fun, a way to decompress. We'll see.
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My short term winter plan is to do a century on one of my MTBs. Almost there now, but I need to plan for more time for the ride. Possibly tomorrow.
Then next summer to beat my longest ride of this last summer (138 miles). Should be easy, I'll be headed for 150 miles in September. When I do over a century every weekend adding 2,3, or 4 miles is hard to even notice. I know I can add 10% at one time, but I am not even tired when I add just a few miles.
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I want to top 15 a PRT with the number one goal of pulling a top 5 at the National Champs. Everything so far this winter and everything next year will be geared towards that.
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Goal: Ride 2 hrs on Tuesdays, 2 hrs on Thursdays, and 3-4 on Saturday or Sunday.

Plus whatever I want in between, but the goal is to maintain fitness and not let "life" get in the way. You know, all that other stuff that you have to do in between rides.
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i'm not a goal setter really
but my hopes for 2017 are
try to get to 160lbs (i've lost 28lbs so far in 2016)
do more long rides and do my 1st century
my everyday quest is to be better tomorrow than i am today(for all aspects of my life)
God bless and i hope everyone has a great 2017. be safe and ride
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Upgrading my engine
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I have a lot this year.
  1. One century per week
  2. One Everest
  3. 12,000 total miles
  4. 1,000 MTB miles
  5. 2,500 commuting miles
  6. Ride across the country (South to North)
  7. Century in 6 new states
  8. Ride across Nevada (2 days)
  9. 3 bikepacking trips
#7 is an important one this year. I didn't do enough in 2016 or 2015.
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My primary goal for 2017: Hincapie Gran Fondo in 4:45 (roughly top 50)

2016 I got back on the bike after 5 years away, cut 25 lbs, got reasonably back in shape, and did the HGF in just over 5:05. With 53/39 x 28 gears.

I think (hope?) I can cut 20 minutes through solid training and showing up with gearing appropriate for the 14-20% climbs so I can climb with confidence rather than survival tactics.

Also the NYGF and whatever big road events are still left in the NE.
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I think I will charge my Di2 battery.
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Keeping mine simple - race every chance I get. I've already marked off the dates for road races, crits, and time trials. Thinking of getting a cross bike for gravel races and then racing cross as well.
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Second child is due any day now, so I'm keeping mine realistic. Do lose so much the first 6 months that I can't pass my current fitness in the second 6 months. And I'd like to break 70 kg.
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My goal for 2017 is to figure out just what the hell I'm trying to accomplish personally as far as my overall health and fitness are concerned. I bought my road bike in November of 2013 and for 2014/2015 just couldn't get enough riding or anything bike related, having completed a century and even commuted to work quite often on my mtb just because I couldn't get enough. Then in 2016 I just never seemed to have the time to get out there and ride, one of our sons was doing little league baseball plus pitching camps, our other son was doing Pop Warner Football for the first time and his team ended up going all the way to the Championship game out at Disney World so it was non stop sports. I'm not trying to sound selfish because I wouldn't trade the time with my boys for any ride but I sure miss getting out there on the bike and have a little time for me too.

Then comes today, I have the day off and its a beautiful mid 60's morning with nothing but sunshine perfect for a nice ride but here I sit on the computer because I my head is pounding from the New Years party my wife dragged me to last night. Maybe I'll feel better this afternoon and have a chance to ride? Nope, going down to Tampa to see the Buc's take on the Panthers so maybe tomorrow? I have the day off and nothing planned so if I don't get out and ride tomorrow I'm doomed for 2017!!!

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Buying my first house this year so gonna try keeping this realistic as I'm sure it won't be easy.

Ride 7300 miles (or an average of 20 miles/day).
Lose an additional 20 pounds, to put me at 150#.
Got a 50 mile charity ride at the end of April and September, my hopes is to complete both in less than 3 hours (finished in just over 4 last year)
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Don't fall down
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smelling the roses
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I'm gonna aim for a 30 km/day average, giving me 10,000 for the year. I think that's doable. I got the first 35 today, in temps in the low 30s C.
one general tip for when the exact hub cone is not readily available. discovered that the curvature of the bearing surface on the shimano 600 was a pretty good "skeleton key" for many applications. it would sometimes require a small change in ball size to make everything come out correctly.
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Originally Posted by nycphotography View Post
My primary goal for 2017: Hincapie Gran Fondo in 4:45 (roughly top 50)

2016 I got back on the bike after 5 years away, cut 25 lbs, got reasonably back in shape, and did the HGF in just over 5:05. With 53/39 x 28 gears.

I think (hope?) I can cut 20 minutes through solid training and showing up with gearing appropriate for the 14-20% climbs so I can climb with confidence rather than survival tactics.

I've done this ride every year. If you get appropriate gearing, you should easily meet your goal. I'd imagine Howard's Gap was fun with the 39-28.

For me, I'd love a 5% increase in power while dropping 5lbs for a fighting weight of 130lbs.
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Goals for 2017

Cycle more than 2016. 2016's total was 5760.76 km. I want to cycle more than that in 2017.

Complete Petite Year Round Randonneur. This is a challenge where we have to do a 100 km ride each month for a total of 1200 km. There is some flexibility in that we can do 50 km one month and 150 km the next to make up for it, but most of the time it should be a 100 km ride. The challenge started in November (that's when the Audax/Randonneuring year starts), so I've done 3 already.

In the past, I've done several CAM challenges (Century A Month, where I ride a 100 mile ride each month of the year), and would like to do that again, but realistically, with full-time work + university, I'm not sure I can commit to that schedule. However, I would like to do as many centuries as possible. Good training rides.

Complete Super Randonneur series. A Super Randonneur is Audax/Randonneuring's standard series and the series which is required to qualify for longer rides in most cases. It consists of one ride each of 200 km, 300 km 400 km, and 600 km, each of which has to be completed within a certain time limit.

Complete a 1000 km randonnee. This might be a long-shot. However, if the 600 km event goes well, there is a 1000 km 2 weeks later.

One 1000 km month.

Cycle up Mt Wellington again.


Walk a minimum of 1000 km, but hopefully beat last year's total of 1133 km.

Hike up a mountain or two.

Include some extra stuff like rowing, canoeing, weightlifting and maybe a bit of yoga. Improving my core strength and flexibility would probably be a good thing.

Complete at least 2 more courses at university.

Figure out what I want to do with my website ... and do it!

Travel ... of course. That's always on the list.
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Ride more, way more. Get more comfortable on the bicycle as a whole. Add a mountain bike to the mix. Find a group to ride with. Do a 50 miler for a charity ride.
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just another gosling
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RAMROD. I hope to have a lower bib number this year. Last year it was #14 out of 800. Which may not mean what you think it means. I also hope to improve my time.

What else? Not getting injured. A week's touring on our tandem in April in the Paso Robles area. Losing the weight I put on in November/December.
Results matter
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