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Tire width; 28 vs. 30 or 32.

Road Cycling It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle. -- Ernest Hemingway

Tire width; 28 vs. 30 or 32.

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Another benefit to going wider is that it makes downhills a lot less sketchy. I enjoy going uphill but don't see the appeal of risking life and limb descending, so I appreciate the extra rubber helping me get home safely after a fun day out on the hills.

32mm GP5Ks really aren't that crazy wide. 28mm GP4Kiis inflated on wider rims to around the same volume. People are focusing too much on the nominal width that Continental gave to more accurately reflect modern rim dimensions.
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Roads are pretty crappy around here, I love my 32mm GP5000s with latex tubes, ride and handle great!
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32 is my minimum.

I drank the pencil-thin skinny tire cool-aide for 15 years. But after trying to some light, high performance 32s and 35s, I could never go back. Ever.

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Originally Posted by Ogsarg View Post
And will I pay a price in rolling resistance going wider?
If you're not racing, what "price" are you concerned about paying? Your ride takes a few seconds longer?

Like many on this post, I have a new Trek Domane and this was my first year on 32mm tires... and I love 'em (especially when paired with a wide rim). I'm currently riding GP 5000TL tires and if they've hurt my average speed, I didn't notice... heck, my average speed might've actually improved as I'm not bouncing over every bump in the road (or gravel) anymore. While a 32mm tire may not be a racer's choice, if your goal is fitness and "enjoying the ride", give wider tires a shot... it's not like you can't switch back to a narrower tire
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Originally Posted by drewtk View Post
I think you have this backwards. Rolling resistance goes DOWN as you go wider on tires, although I certainly agree that there is such a thing as too wide. What goes up with wider tires is aerodynamic drag.

See the below rolling resistance test of GP5000 tires at various widths. Rolling resistance decreased from 10 watts to 9 watts when comparing a 25mm to a 32mm. In other words, the wider tire rolls easier. Unless there is some aspect of wider tires and climbing that Im missing.

GP5000 tire width rolling resistance test

Originally Posted by CargoDane View Post
That struck me as odd, so I clicked through and looked at the pressures they were running.
That test shows that the rolling resistance goes down only if the two tyres are at the same pressure. But that it goes up the wider you get if use the recommended pressure which results in a 15% drop of the tyre when loaded:

Look at the part that says:
RollingResistance.com is a great resource when you want to know what will roll fastest on a roller drum. I use it all the time to pick a tire for my indoor rollers.
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We know your roads are bad according to you. The wider tires are absolutely faster on rough roads.

How heavy are you? The pros are riding 25 to 28 tires. At Roubaix Sagan and a few other ‘heavy’ riders have been using 32. Heavy means 75 to 80 kilos. If you weigh in at 60 kilos a 28 tire has lots of flotation.

Forks for disc brake have to be quite rigid. Yes, some frames have partial suspension, none do quite what an old steel fork with a curve in it would do. On rough roads you want something between you and the bumps.

Weight difference is nominal if we are talking about fast tires. You do not want a commuter 32.

Try stuff. Try tires. Ride lots of different stuff and then you tell us what works.
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Its really pretty amazing how much the biking community has changed in its acceptance of wider tires, and I think that is a good thing. I remember the days of being looked down upon unless using 23s or 20s. I am glad the community is going with comfort over the "they used it in Tour de France" argument. Although, I think they are using wider tires too, so maybe I'm wrong there.

My point is, use the right tool for the job. Racer's jobs are different than weekend warriors and should have tools to match.

I switched from 23s to 28s and love it. Should have done it years ago. I'd go wider but my rim doesn't recommend it and I don't have much more clearance.
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Well. I have some Schwalbe Pro one 700X30c tires on order from CRC as well as stems, sealant, etc so will be making the swap maybe next week and I'll see how it goes. My rims have tubeless tape in them from the factory so hoping that is good. I'll have to watch some youtube videos on the process and we'll see how it goes.

Thanks for all the input. Yep. Just tires. If I don't like them they won't last forever. I doubt they will be so dreadful I'll want to take them off right away.
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