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The logic to your collection?

Classic & Vintage This forum is to discuss the many aspects of classic and vintage bicycles, including musclebikes, lightweights, middleweights, hi-wheelers, bone-shakers, safety bikes and much more.

The logic to your collection?

Old 05-19-16, 09:24 AM
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I have 5 bikes and I like the 1970s and earlier. Two Raleighs (Super Course and Superbe), a Peugeot PX-10, a Motobecane Le Champion and a Marin Team. As of last weekend only the one Raleigh Superbe was actually rideable after doing some work. I'm working in getting the others back into service but time is short with twin newborn girls.

I always wanted the particular brands I own and collected them as they cropped up. I still have a few others in 59cm like Bottecchia Professional with the blue and chrome, mink blue Raleigh Professional, olive green Raleigh International, molteni orange Colnago Super, blue Gios Torino to own but I haven't found any just yet at a price I am willing to pay. Hint hint.

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Old 05-19-16, 09:25 AM
7-speed cultist
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Bikes: 1991 Bianchi Eros, 1964 Armstrong, 1988 Diamondback Ascent, 1988 Bianchi Premio, 1987 Bianchi Sport SX, 1980s Raleigh mixte (hers)

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To quote Bjork: "There's definitely, definitely, definitely no logic..."
Originally Posted by chandltp View Post
There's no such thing as too far.. just lack of time
Originally Posted by noglider
People in this forum are not typical.
RUSA #7498
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Old 05-19-16, 12:00 PM
vintage motor
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Bikes: Automoto, Stallard, Rotrax, Jack Taylor, Atala, Lejeune, Motobecane, RIH, Zieleman, Raleigh, Messina, Brazzo, Davidson, Fisher, Kestrel

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I have 14 bikes, and my wife and two sons count for another 6.
I live in Mexico where opportunities for flipping are very limited, so anything I buy is with the idea that it’s a keeper. I collect for enjoyment and not with the idea of an investment, so I don’t care what any of my stuff is worth. The one bike I won’t sell is the Grand Jubile, for sentimental reasons.
All my bikes share a few characteristics:
First, they are all riders, so they have to fit and be in good functional condition. They must also match my type of riding, which consists mostly of recreational riding on paved roads and urban commuting.
They must look good (to me anyway).
Nearly all are high-end lightweights (for their category and time period).
Beyond that, I aim for a variety of nationalities, eras, and types—of frames as well as components.
Nationality: mostly European, especially English, French, and Italian. My newer bikes are American. No Japanese yet, but you never know.
Eras: It was 60’s-80’s, but I’ve been extending it back to the 40’s. I have one 90’s carbon fiber racer, just to see what all the fuss is about and to avoid being too much of a retro-grouch.
Types: Mostly racing and sport touring bikes for recreational excursions. I have a couple older MTB’s which are my beater utilitarians for commuting, gravel, and touring.
Grails: No particular makes or models, I like surprises. Someday I’m gonna get me a nice constructeur-built French bike.
I am not a cheapskate, but I usually try to avoid paying a big premium for a famous name. I’d rather get something I’ve never heard of before that not everybody else has.
Recent tendencies: I’ve been passing my mass-produced factory bikes to my sons and replacing them with artisan-built frames from small shops. I’ve also been getting into older bikes from the 40’s and 50’s.

48 Stallard Malvern—SS fixed/free racer
49 Automoto—city bike
50 Rotrax Super Course—3sp club rider
62 Jack Taylor International—sport tourer
67 Atala Record—racer
68 Lejeune (Professional?)—racer
73 RIH Model Campagnolo—sport tourer
75 Motobecane Grand Jubile—650B sport tourer
82 Messina Specialissima (Villata)—racer
84 Brazzo La Certosina (Losa)—racer
86 Davidson Discovery—sport tourer
88 Fisher Ascent—MTB/tourer
89 Diamondback Apex—MTB/tourer
95 Kestrel 200—racer

72 Motobecane Le Champion
74 Raleigh International
91 Klein Kirsten
92 Trek 520
95 Trek 6500
99 Klein Attitude
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Old 05-19-16, 12:18 PM
low end rider
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Bikes: 80's. hoarder.

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mid 80's mid condition mid range..
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Old 05-19-16, 12:51 PM
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Bikes: 2013 Rawland Stag ; 1981 Fuji 650b; Early '60's P. Peschi ; Early '80's Kuwahara Cascade

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I thoroughly enjoyed the one Italian bike I rode for 35 years - and at times I felt I should have held onto it for sentimental reasons but my riding abilities changed with age and I discovered the world of randonneuring bikes and they suit what I now desire in riding comfort, specifically 650b. Of course, although I have yet to actually own say a Herse or Singer ( not likely either! ) I also have taken a liking to older French road bikes in general. Although unless I sell or trade one I am at my limit of six, and they keep me busy enough.
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Old 05-19-16, 04:00 PM
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I don't consider myself a collector of bicycles but rather one who seeks the experience of certain cycling discipline or a bit different brand / equipped bike. Nothing specific either but long as it gets used and not gather dust. Couldn't tell the total count because I don't. Also it gets mixed and bad enough when a batch of donor kids and atb bikes are dumped at the driveway. Then there's the abandoned junkers. PITA most then having again move to a bike shop. Thats been happening and I simply don't have the room or time anymore.

Also have a small assortment of lightweights, nothing on the caliber of many others here but enough to appease me. I try to use all on a regular rotation. For old stuff with consumables (say tires and rare chainsets) it helps to offset the wear. No wall hangers or so called 'investment' grade. I chuckle at that word. There's also a couple other projects and hopefully soon be in the rotation. Japan, US, UK, Italy, France- 1950's to 80's. We're trying to slim down the household and useless things. Hopefully I keep the bikes at a minimum, rather focus bike hobby spare time on projects for the kids. Then balance time with them riding at organized events to tour / cycle camping.

For example, I was getting worried our early Santana tandem might be on the bye-bye, but recently the grandkids have taken an interest plus another fellow forum member is appreciating and getting into the unique experience. Very cool of him and not worrying of his mancard revocation. This particular tandem is special in many ways but as someone mentioned above, I could easily get hooked into other interesting vintage tandems. I do look but resist the temptation. So many ingenious designs and differences in character. A different spectrum in the cycling experience of which I enjoy.

No priority but have longed for an early Cambio Corsa equipped lightweight and challenge some of the larger more difficult riding venues. Maybe this desire comes from a masochistic raw desire of old motorcycles or race cars, mastering non-synchro trans., a pure simplistic machine but great risk should you screw up. LOL

Other discipline on my want list is novice cyclo-x events riding vintage and also vintage pista. Neither from any particular country or condition but the bike definitely would have to be unique. Competing is one thing but reality is I'd only be against myself. Finishing is the goal, not what position or place and I like old stuff. The track fixed is the most purist form and connection of man and bike. There's a likeliness to an open wheel purpose built race car. You've got to be one with it at all times and getting it right is the reward and rush. An easy hook.
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Old 05-19-16, 04:16 PM
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Bikes: the bikes own me

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Mine are mostly just bikes I lusted after in high school but I have tried to have one of each of Reynolds tubing lines represented

Trek 520 - 501
Trek 750Pro - 531C
Dave Kane Lightweight - 653
Gazelle Champion Mondial - 753R
Schwinn Peloton - 853
Specialized AWOL - 725

I also have a Serotta made from Columbus SLX and I just started my first ever carbon fiber bike project which is a '90 Miyata CT3000

I'm partial to Treks becasue I grew up near the factory and they sponsored many of the early biking events I took part in.
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Old 05-19-16, 04:43 PM
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Bikes: '72 Cilo Pacer, '72 Peugeot PX10, '73 Speedwell Ti, '74 Nishiki Competition, '74 Peugeot UE-8, '85 De Rosa Pro, '86 Look Equipe 753, '86 Look KG86, '89 Parkpre Team, '90 Parkpre Team MTB, '90 Merlin

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Not much logic on my end. I have a few that I've owned since my teenage racing days. Others I have added through happenstance and impulse. I have one Swiss, one Brit, one Japanese, one American (Merlin), and too many French bikes. I'd like to add at least one classic Italian and a handbuilt American steel frame.
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Old 05-25-16, 08:12 PM
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Bikes: Always

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Living in Albuquerque there really isn't much to choose from. Mostly because too many people have no idea what they're doing so they hike up the asking price on very low end and big box store bikes. Which in turn causes those that have moderately decent bikes to hike up their prices. There's not many Italian, French, or English bikes and definitely no Spanish or anything eclectic like that, if you think Zeus' are rare.

So my collection has just been whatever I can find with an okay asking price in decent condition. 99% of the time I peruse CL because I don't know if any other sites that can't be found with something like SearchTempest.

I was just looking at the thread asking about if "catalog-correct" was a necessary goal and I think that is definitely a concern for my collection. I think I could consider myself a purist when it comes to catalog correct components and features, apart from consumables.

My vintage collection started with my '76 Superior, which had many components changed and that was very annoying. Then I found a Viscount which was in great condition with original paperwork and brochures which was a really cool find. So that led me to look for more odd brands rather than big names. I still collected Schwinns but I was on the look for lesser known makes that were still considered good bikes by those that actually know bikes. From there I picked up a Univega Viva Sport, a Lambert, another Viscount and some more Schwinns. After I found that I really didn't like low end, 60's and 70's Schwinns I tried finding Panasonic made Schwinn, or any of the higher end 80's Schwinns. Still haven't been able to get my hands on those but from there I researched into Panasonic and happened upon an '83 PT-5000 in great condition.

So I just go for what I can when I can and when space allows it. I plan to make my collection as catalog correct as possible and period correct if I can't find the right components.
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Old 05-25-16, 09:05 PM
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Bikes: Current favorites: 1988 Peugeot Birraritz, 1984 Gitane Super Corsa, 1981 Bianchi Campione Del Mondo, 1992 Paramount OS, 1990 Bianchi Mondiale, 1988 Colnago Technos, 1985 RalieghUSA Team Pro, 1973 Holdsworth

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Steel C&V derailleur bikes from the 60's through the 90's that no one else has or wants...

I got back in bike hoarding er... collecting in 2006 looking for several bucket list bikes: a 1974-76 orange Motobecane Team Champio/Champion team, an orange Colnago Super, an orange and light blue Mercian Vincitore and a black and red 1974-77 Reynolds 531 Motobecane Grand Record....

In my searching, I missed out several times on the grail bikes that I wanted but found acceptable substitutes for most of them. I also started grabbing up good deals that I ran across (and some not so good deals).

During the ensuing years in the US, savings accounts and retirement funds like IRA's and 401k's were paying almost negative interest. I decided that buying a bike instead was just as good an investment!!!

With a bike I can enjoy working on it (assembling a frame from scratch if needed), riding it and just plain looking at it... all thing that I can't do with money held by an institution! If I just broke even when I sold a bike I would be ahead of the game!

Most of the bikes that I acquired, I could sell for an affordable $500-$1000 USD. Also while everyone was overpaying for classic Eyetalian iron, top rung French bikes were a steal! Some Brit bikes too.

I sort of flushed out the collection with one or two bikes from a number of big name European builders including 40+ French bikes, 6 Raleighs, 4 Custom US builds, 3 Colnagos, 3 Bianchis, 3 Holdsworths, 2 Gazelles, 2 Centurion Iron Man Specials, 2 Swiss bikes, 2 Bilato Lemonds TeamZ's, a Hetchins, a Gios, a Merckx, a Paramount, a Trek plus some others... N=? ;-)

The rationale is that I can start thinning the herd 1 or 2 a month when the time comes... (when I decide I don't want to work any more)

I'll be spinning some off in the next month or so.


Things aren't always what they seem... Don't believe everything you think!

Chas. ;-)
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Old 05-25-16, 10:08 PM
What happened?
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There is no logic to what I own, it's LOVE.
I don't know nothing, and I memorized it in school and got this here paper I'm proud of to show it.
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Old 05-25-16, 10:20 PM
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Bikes: Bikes in USA; 73 Raleigh Supercourse dingle speed, 74 Raleigh Grand Prix SS, 78 Raleigh Supercourse, 83 Centurion Pro-Tour, 82 Raleigh RRA.

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Mostly Raleighs, 3 Super Courses; 73, 77, 78, 2 Grand Prix; 74 & 76, 1 Record, all in the States. Here in Cambodia mostly Japanese recycle 6 and 7 speeds and 1 nice Fuji road bike soon to be replaced with a Centurion Pro Tour.
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Old 05-26-16, 03:45 AM
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I only buy broken bikes. Mostly English IGHs. I do keep 3 bikes for riding, but I enjoy wrenching and like to have at least one project going at all times.
Inflate Hard
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Old 05-26-16, 01:09 PM
Vieux chnoque
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Bikes: Many, mostly steel and titanium. Myfirst carbon bike a Kestrel from 1989, failed and since that time I stayed away from plastic bikes.

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I just by if it is a racing bike, it fits and has a frame that is still in good shape( paint, chrome). Then I fixthem with 10 speed Campa which is quite affordable, and then I just ride them. As often similar bikes have been raced I try to find the corresponding shirt.
I tell people that I am a racing shirt collector, which isn't too costly, but that finding the right bike makes it an expensive hobby.
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Old 05-26-16, 02:37 PM
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Bikes: 79 Trek 930, 80 Trek 414, 84 Schwinn Letour Luxe (coupled), 92 Schwinn Paramount PDG 5

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By pure chance, the oldest road bike I own is bottom of the barrel, and the newest is top of the line. The two in between climb the ladder as they get more modern.
All Schwinns: 78 World Sports (Giant), 84 Letour Luxe (Greenville), 87 Prelude (Greenville), 92 Paramount PDG 5 (Panasonic).
More logic? The 78 is a 57 cm, the two in the middle are 58, and the 92 is a 61.
Well look what the cat dragged in. Such a fine addition to the thread

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Old 05-26-16, 03:51 PM
jet sanchEz
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If it fits and I like the colour, I buy it. Oh, and it's gotta be cheap.
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Old 05-26-16, 05:25 PM
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Bikes: Yes

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Simple c&v logic. If you think you can get your money back out of it at a later date (or more) and get to ride or look at in the mean time,,,,buy, buy, buyyyyyyy.
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Old 05-29-16, 06:50 AM
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Bikes: 89 Raleigh Technium PRE, 92 SP 1000 ti, '09 Team Pro, 72 International, 63 Hercules 3-spd, '81 Vitus 979, 2 Kabuki Submariners, 2 C. Itoh Submariners, Gary Fisher Big Sur, Skyway 3-spd, Robin Hood w/ S-A IGH 5 speed.

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My "collection" is mostly Raleigh. I wanted one Raleigh in each frame material, not each steel tubing type! I have an aluminum Technium, a Titanium SP1000, several steel frames from a gas pipe Sprite to a 72 International which I am hot rodding, and my latest an '09 Team Pro in carbon. Also in the Raleigh column is a cruiser style Hercules 3 spd and a 5 spd S-A IGH. My other area is pre-Bridgestone - I have several Kabuki Submariners, C. Itoh Submariners, and a Skway 3-speed. I am still looking for a Kabuki Diamond Formula. I also have one Peugeot being built as a rando bike. I have one Mountain bike - a Gary Fisher Big Sur bought at a police auction. I also have a Vitus 979 I will be building up soon with mostly Campy Nuovo record.

I like bikes that are interesting footnotes in bicycle technology. I avoid cookie cutter and popular stuff for some reason only my shrink knows about. I like having different brands and groupsets of components on my bikes. I like having different colors of bikes. I like to mix it up and have fun with it.

A few selections form my eclectical herd.

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