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A sad day, personally, classic French touring contents

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A sad day, personally, classic French touring contents

Old 07-15-19, 02:24 AM
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A sad day, personally, classic French touring contents

Yesterday my older brother came to me and asked me to sell his touring bike.
(And - no - this is not an ad for selling it here. It will be done elsewere and at a later time).

For me this request is sad in so many ways. I got him into biking many years ago, in the 80ies, and we have had such a wonderful time training, racing and touring together since then. He is 11 years older than me and at only 66 he has to hang up his cycling gloves. His lower back is in a mess and there is nothing to be done about it. It has been that way for quite some time but taking the decision to sell his good bike sort of makes it definitive.

I am sad for his back. I am sad to loose him to the couch. I am sad it has to be this way and I am sad for the bike. Parting with your good bike for any reason is sad. Parting with it as a part of giving up...done by a man that has not known "giving up" in his life... I am sorry but this is very emotional for me.

The bikes frame is a wonderful example of Francis Quillon: s work. It is branded Geliano and even though it sounds Italian it is as French as a baguette. It has it all.

My brother did 540 km (335 miles) in 22 h and 45 minutes, riding alone, on a mountainous course. He is disabled 25% as he cut off his right hand at work when 18. Before that he was a wrestler at national level here in Sweden. After the accident he started weightlifting and did 165 kg bench pressing, at 80 kg body weight, in a tournament (for non disabled), did military service, ran 10 km in 45 minutes, bicycled, etc. A guy not letting his handicap define him. And then his back betrays him in the end.

A sad day.

Together with my Meral - and yes we are quite diffrent in height... He has always said he got to be short because he had to carry my so much when I was a child.

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Old 07-15-19, 02:46 AM
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Besides its impressive quality and beauty, it looks like everything everyone wants right now in a do-it-all vintage bike.

And it sounds like the one-handed, Swedish wrestler/cyclist/weightlifting vet has a story to tell.
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Old 07-15-19, 03:02 AM
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Sweet looking bike & pair of bikes.

You've answered the question of why not just keep it.

Kids? Grandkids? Spouses? GFs? Other siblings? Nephews? Nieces? Buddies? Somebody may want the bike.

Have you talked with him about trying a recumbent or trike?

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Old 07-15-19, 09:17 AM
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Things change...

I'm terribly sorry to hear this for you, not for the bike but for your brother. Life causes things to change over time, look to find another activity with him and not worry so much about biking. Maybe a three wheeled recumbant? Fishing? Walks? Swimming Pool-time? Chess at a park? The idea can be just to change the lifestyle, not to give up hope. Maybe just need to find activities while sitting or

I am 40, at 37 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I wake up everyday with pain, small or large. I have given up on gluten, dairy, and highly acidic foods and drinks (pizza and coffee). I can't run really anymore, I can't really play soccer (which I did with my wife), and can't do house building projects more than a day at a time usually. I can still bike, so I do. I can still build, so I do. Just need time to take it easy between. Life changes things but that doesn't have to make you inactive.
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Old 07-15-19, 09:58 AM
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Sad news about your brother. He sounds like an amazing athlete with quite a spirit. As others have said, there is a rich market of recumbents and trikes that allow riding when a traditional diamond frame is not feasible.

If you were selling in the US I would certainly be interested in buying that bike. It's my size and suits my riding style.
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Old 07-15-19, 10:05 AM
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I’m sorry to hear about your brother, and I know that these changes can be sad. Has he considered riding a Recumbent bike?! There are all kinds out there. I’m mostly riding recumbents as a preservative for my lower back.

What im suggesting is that it doesn’t have to be an “all or nothing’’ for your brother.
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Old 07-15-19, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by CliffordK View Post
Sweet looking bike & pair of bikes.

You've answered the question of why not just keep it.

Kids? Grandkids? Spouses? GFs? Other siblings? Nephews? Nieces? Buddies? Somebody may want the bike.

Have you talked with him about trying a recumbent or trike?

this was going to be my question. I have a friend in Göteborg who rides a velo bike....... I could get more info on what he rides and sources if it is of interest
Looking for more time to ride what I have
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Old 07-15-19, 11:44 AM
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Be sad for your brother but not too sad. You introduced him to a sport he enjoyed.

I have a brother who I encouraged to get a bicycle when he retired. He bought an e-mtb with wide tires. It's been sitting unused. That's sad.
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Thank you all!

I have to modify my message a bit... Even though my brother cannot bicycle as he wants to anymore he has a full life (though painful most of the time). He hunts, got a young hunting dog that needs training, walks a lot, a 12 year younger wife that keeps him occupied, children since earlier, etc. He has not given up on life. Just bicycling. I realize my post might look very negative - but it is maybe more from my perspective. Loosing a bicyling friend and sparring partner. He does not look upon it that way. He is much more positive than I am...

About his back. Thank you all for your concern and suggestions. It is really nice and shows how continents apart people can care and share. He has the best of care though. I do not know if you guys know about the health system over here in Sweden but it is "free" (or rather - instead of private insurance you pay for it by taxation) and it is of very, very high quality. He has got specialists attending to his problems and is fully aware of his options. His biggest problem apart from his back is actually a pain threshold beyond what is healthy. It has alway been that way and that is of course a part of why he has problems now. He has always pushed himself beyond what is normal. And now he pays for it.

I am not worried about him now anymore than I have ever/always been. He is my eldest brother, my idol for many years (and still), and he will keep on being him. Just not on a bike anymore (even a recumbent/tricycle). We are three brothers and we are close. We talk about life and what happens a lot. We are getting older and things/we, of course, cannot stay the same as time passes.

I am sorry if my post seemed like he was broken. He is not. He is just not a bicyclist anymore. And that is probably more of my problem than his...

With kindest regards

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^^^^ No worries, vent on, we got you, glad your brother has it as well sorted as he can.

I suspect he'll get you there too.
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Hello, sorry to hear your brother cannot cycle anymore. Very beautiful bike, I wanted it, but someone was quicker than me
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Beautiful story, @styggno1.
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Hoping for all the best to come about with your brother's future, and he is fortunate to have as caring a brother as you @styggno1

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