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Question...should I buy a new bike or?...

Fifty Plus (50+) Share the victories, challenges, successes and special concerns of bicyclists 50 and older. Especially useful for those entering or reentering bicycling.

Question...should I buy a new bike or?...

Old 10-19-14, 06:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Zinger View Post
Take your time in seeing what's around out there. You might find a steel frame bike suits your needs or might want CF for keeping up with the Joneses. Look everything over before pigeon holing yourself into what the LBS shows you......There are lots of options to be found in a google search. Sometimes it's best to take a few months at this to find something attractive to you that suits your needs perfectly.

Just make sure whatever kind of frame you decide on fits you perfectly.
Thanks Zinger and yes...I am definitely down with taking my time with this because at the moment?...I feel that...

Originally Posted by TiHabanero View Post
Gotta jump in on this one, as I sell bikes, and have since 1983. Add a grand to the budget and get a new bike. If you are in the 1200 dollar range, you will gain a new bike, but not a new ride. The OCR was a gifted performer, good ride quality, and with the right bits on it, under 20lbs. Save up some more dough, and get an upgrade, not a warmed over new bike. However, and here it comes, one qualifier is if the bike is being closed out at a sweet price...then by all means 1500 bucks could easily buy a 2200 dollar machine, so get it!
Tihabanero is absolutely correct because after getting home from my measly 10.6 mile ride last evening and only averaging a touch over 13mph and?...getting off with a bad case of rubber legs?....I had a renewed sense of pride in my OCR with an elevated sense of humility in myself! LOL!....leaving me feeling as though I'm not worthy of the bike I have now! LOL!....so along with....

Originally Posted by chasm54 View Post
OK, if you're now in the grip of bike consumer fever, and think you want a new bike, I'd suggest you continue along the "different flavor" line of thought. If you're buying a new bike there's no law that says you have to get rid of the old one, so consider keeping that - as you've previously observed, it's a perfectly decent road bike - and get something that you'd use for slightly different purposes.

I currently have four bikes. Used to be five, but I actually got round to selling one. My carbon race bike is a seven year-old Giant TCR. It has long been superseded by later editons and the new Propel, but it is still perfectly serviceable, stiff enough for me and with a frame weight of 1.1k I'd save only about 1lb in weight by spending about $3000 on a new frame. So it's going nowhere.

However, it isn't a bike I'd use for touring or commuting or off-road. So I have a heavy-duty tourer that will carry me and lots of luggage over reasonably challenging terrain. Then for just mooching around town there's the FG/SS - also doubles as a training bike in winter - which is much the cheapest, and which I don't mind locking up in places where a more expensive bike would draw the eye of bike thieves. And finally, there's the custom steel road bike that overlaps a bit with the TCR but is set up less aggressively for those long days in the hills.

Which is a long-winded way of saying that if you are going to have more than one, it is worth thinking hard about the sort of riding you'd like to do. Certainly a CX bike - maybe a Specialized tricross, if your LBS is a Specialized dealer - might be an option, it's a versatile bike in itself. And if you are using the bike to commute, a CX with a rack fitted is an excellent choice, fast enough to be fun, capable of carrying a load, clearances for mudguards and so on. And incidentally, commuting is a great way to get time on the bike without eating into the rest of your day.
chasm54's words of wisdom above?...I'm thinking I have a long way to go before even defining what my next bike should be and?...I'm thinking a great place to start would be getting myself to a point of being capable of stroking out at least 1/4 Centuries in the 16-18mph avg as the LBS here in town stages rides every Saturday morning....and when I asked how far and how fast they go?...I was told it depends on two things...

1. "How Many Riders" show up and?...

2. "Who" shows up.

If they have a small group and there's some rookies?...they do 20-25 miles ride...if they have a lot of folks show up with many more experienced riders?...they do 50 miles and if it's a mix?...they'll break into two groups.

So I'm figuring the best thing I can do before making any purchase decisions?...is get myself up to snuff and get my butt and this OCR of mine to some of the LBS rides and "get in the fold" (so to speak).....so I can see, meet and learn from other local riders experiences here of what their preferences are (and why) and what's been working for them.

Thanks for the wisdom folks...and I guess it's going to be awhile before I'm even worthy of my current OCR let alone deciding on a new bike...but I'm good with that...I had a smile on my face putting my old Giant away after yesterdays ride.

Thanks again, Bill.
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Old 10-19-14, 12:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Jinkster View Post
Dear God Almighty!...not to be not nice to nobody and hats off to the old dude for sure but to be honest?...neither one...the drug companies couldn't make enough aleve for me to wanna still be pedaling at 102! LOL!
I don't want to be thinking about Aleve when I'm 102 years old. I'd like to be thinking Viagra.
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