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Are you still bike riding during coronavirus? What are options for people?

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Discussion of the novel coronavirus

Are you still bike riding during coronavirus? What are options for people?

Old 03-30-20, 03:39 PM
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I am fortunate on a few fronts: I am 71 and thus ride slowly, alone, several times a day in my sub here in Michigan under shutdown. I see a few people out walking in pairs, walking pets, etc. but do not come across other riders really (still mildly cold out so that might change when weather warms). But, no group rides really and this has been my pattern for years now. There is a several mile bike path to our local Lake St. Claire (one of the great lakes).....I have never seen groups per se on it (mostly individual riders) so social distancing seems to be normal rather than an exception.With the streets in affected communities having very light traffic and most "shelter in place" rules allowing outdoor exercise, I would think getting rides in should not be overly difficult. Even group rides would work with careful social distancing (a note: I have seen several articles mentioning Covid19 has a "gain of function" feature that would advise increasing person to person distance to 7-8 feet). Also, be aware of wind direction/speed. I do consider bike shops "essential services". It would be easy enough to schedule pickup and dropoff services to avoid physical contact and social distancing if the shop is large enough....or man it with one mechanic at a time. If the shops need on-floor sales for revenue, this would provide a difficulty. The local auto dealers that are now doing service work only (not sales) might be facing the same difficulty....carrying the costs of a large brick & mortar business with only part of their operation.
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Old 03-30-20, 03:44 PM
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While I live very close to a large city (Charlotte, NC) I am far enough removed to have fairly convenient access to many rural roads. I've ridden the last 4 days with hardly seeing any cars or fellow cyclists (excepting the mass of mountain bikers at the nearby state park where I often start my rides from).

The LBS which I get emails from just announced today that while they are still considered essential, their operating model will change to a curbside pickup model for repairs, and free delivery for new bike purchases. They also have an online store and will allow curbside pickup of online orders. In addition, they are reducing their operating hours to close by 5PM 5 days a week, and be closed Sundays and Mondays out of consideration for their employees. I've got a friend whose son is a mechanic at a large shop over in Raleigh (3 hours to the east) and he said their business is booming as folks try to get their old bikes back out on the road (2 week service backlog) or want to buy a new bike (they set an all time record for March sales).

We have a stay at home order from 5PM until the end of April, it will be interesting to see what happens to a lot of the parks as they had overcrowding issues over the weekend.
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Old 03-30-20, 06:06 PM
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I'm hiding in my basement with 3 years worth of toilet paper and bottled water....Now that I have your attention, I've been walking some days with my wife and plan on cycling some old single track that the new kids in my neighborhood have abandoned. They are grown up but not impassable. To get riding I just want the rain to quit so I'm not mud riding.
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Old 03-30-20, 09:08 PM
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On weekends it's super safe to ride bike and run red lights here in Manhattan . Weekdays also not bad. It seems the drivers are nowalso more careful/friendly in this troubled time where we are all in the same boat against the virus.

I think this is the once-a-lifetime opportunity to ride bike so freely.

Beside cycling and running, there is also walking. Today I walked for some 70 minutes and got sweaty. The streets were like deserted.

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Old 03-30-20, 09:17 PM
jon c. 
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In the rural area where I live and ride there really isn't much difference. There aren't many cars on most days and it doesn't seem there are any fewer now.
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Old 03-30-20, 09:25 PM
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i have been riding since the daytime temps here in SE Michigan are creeping up near 50 degrees. Lots of folks are out walking and more bikers are showing up every day. I've been riding the trails at a nearby city park. One local LBS will do pick up and delivery for bikes in need of repair. I understand why bike shops are not considered to be an essential service because that would open the door for any sporting goods store that sells a bicycle.
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Old 03-30-20, 11:05 PM
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Originally Posted by WarrenR View Post
My LBS has sent out an email for repairs message first then your bike can be brought to the door and an employee will take it.
To shop you can make an appointment or come ring a bell and you will be brought in in turn when limited numbers allow.
When your repairs are finished you'll be notified and on agreed time it will be waiting for you outside. I'm sure they will keep an eye until you show.
Similar procedure at our co-op and most bike shops in Salem, OR. These are considered "essential" businesses. Drop-off and pickup at the door with a phone call or ring the bell and show your ticket. Some shops are allowing very limit shoppers in the store while others are bringing the items to the door. Better for all.
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Old 03-31-20, 05:59 AM
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I'm wondering why this thread got moved to the "Lounge". There wasn't even a mention of it being moved, it just all of a sudden disappeared. Many people will not see it anymore - maybe that was the purpose for moving it.

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Old 03-31-20, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Nyah View Post
I'm wondering why this thread got moved to the "Lounge". There wasn't even a mention of it being moved, it just all of a sudden disappeared. Many people will not see it anymore - maybe that was the purpose for moving it.
I was wondering the same thing until I looked to see if some of my recent posts were missing, too. I find this thread to be quite valuable and informative during this crisis.
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Old 03-31-20, 02:59 PM
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They could have made it a sticky instead of moving to a hidden corner.
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Old 03-31-20, 03:01 PM
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I normally cycle around the ring road in the town where I live in Thailand. I usually go out three or four times a week, doing one or two laps of the ring road - 35/62km (20/38 miles)

The government here is trying to get everyone to stay at home and practice social distancing. As I always cycle alone anyway I haven't changed my routine. There's just less traffic around.

I've passed some police checkpoints, but so far they haven't flagged me down.
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Old 05-11-20, 07:03 AM
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Hey all. On my blog I wrote a scene report on cycling during this pandemic here in NYC. While stay safe, stay home and social distancing is the NY state mandate right now, cycling is a tool for essential workers and those that need essentials such as groceries and medicine to still venture out safely.

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