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2014 Weight Lifting!!!!


Old 03-23-19, 04:53 AM
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Originally Posted by carleton View Post
For the reasons stated above, I'd never deadlift in socks before and my proper weightlifting shoes (Adidas Ironwork III) have a heel on them.

Man, it make a big difference when the heel is lower. Before, I was fighting the shoes to get the weight off of my mid-foot area.

Now I see why people wear special shoes (or simply socks) for deadlifting.

Interesting reading on the subject:
I don't know much about the science of it. I saw someone doing it years ago and gave it a try, and for me, I felt much more stable. I also have very wide feet, so there are not many options for good weight lifting shoes for me - I might be able to wear Converse All-Stars if I removed my pinkie toes.
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Old 03-24-19, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Quinn8it View Post
I know what you're thinking!
its the beginning of a new year and a new season- and you're sitting there wondering about Squats or Leg Press or Zerchers- which ones and what combination and how many reps are going to get you filling out your Wranglers like Brian Ratliff and ready to stomp suckers this spring!!!

ask it here!
any question about technique, programming, rep-schemes whatever..

and if you are already training for the Arnold Classic- we'll take PR's, goals, form check vids, stories of failure, and hidden camera vids of guys at your gym doing Half-Squats with 25's and a foam bar pad..

Get Pumped!
Speaking of hidden camera vids -- should cameras be allowed in the locker room? Now I know you're anxious to get in your twitter photos before your pump goes away. But I draw the line at video phone calls to your lady friend with guys getting dressed and the shower view in the background.

I reminded this guy -- and management -- of proper decorum even in this environment of growing gender neutral popularity. Some us still maintain some modicum of decency that won't be compromised on my watch.
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Originally Posted by Dalai View Post
Appreciate the suggestions Hrothgar42. Unfortunately from my initial investigations it appears neither option is available in Australia...
Ah, bummer. Rogue is in AU, but is more. The Ironmaster seems like a good option though. Iíve seen some good reviews, and importantly itís made with 11 guage steel.
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Old 03-25-19, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Hrothgar42 View Post

It’s crazy, but half racks take up more space than some full racks.
1. Footprint of a 3’x3’ rack is just smaller than that half rack.
2. The big consideration: You lift inside the full rack, rather than in front of the half rack.

Here are a couple in the same price range from Vulcan and (cheaper) Titan.

The one consideration is plate storage. Peg storage (either facing backwards on the rear verticals, or sideways on all verticals) is ok, but can interfere with some lifts. Rolling storage is another option (in the rack when not using it).
I ordered that Vulcan flat based rack above. Dang, those Titan prices are nice, though.

I went with Vulcan since I already have an account, most of my other stuff is Vulcan, and shipping is pretty fast for them (only 4hrs drive away). They can ship on Monday and it will arrive at my home on Tuesday with normal (not overnight) shipping fees.
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Old 03-25-19, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by carleton View Post
I ordered that Vulcan flat based rack above.
Looking forward to seeing your room set up!
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