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The sadness of N-1

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The sadness of N-1

Old 05-24-20, 07:42 PM
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Bikes: How many is too many?

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The sadness of N-1

Anyone else blue after selling a bike, even one you knew had to go?

This one was too small for me (too dang SMALL, I tell you), and it needed a new home so I can keep my MV Ironman (which does fit). And I got a very decent price from the buyer--- it all makes sense.

So why do I still feel a weird bit of sadness?

So to pour one out for the missing: It was an interesting ride.... the stiffest, least forgiving steel bike I've ever ridden. I can almost always get rear brake rub if I stand and mash on a steel frame--- not this one, ever. I never felt that smooth comforting resonance that is the hallmark of most steel bikes. But was really fast, and it felt like a precision instrument--- like a carbon bike before carbon existed. Descending was Formula 1 racing, video game level fun.

I'm glad I sold it.... but I miss it. If I had infinite storage space I might never sell another bike. They all have something interesting about them.

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Old 05-24-20, 07:56 PM
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There is a whole gaggle of bikes I totally regretted selling. But, if I did not offload them into willing, new owners' hands... I would not own the wonderful bikes I have today:

1997 Cannondale F2000 Volvo Team Issue:

2009 Cannondale Bad Boy Ultra:

2017 Santa Cruz Hightower CC XE:

2009 Seven Verve Titanium Singlespeed:

Don't hoard, with N+1. Just get exactly the bikes you always wanted.... and ride 'em regularly.

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Old 05-24-20, 08:07 PM
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Bikes: How many is too many?

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Very nice Cannondale F2000! Tinker Juarez flashback was so strong....

My problem is that I just like bikes. Hard to be discriminating.

But my rule now is that any incoming bikes must fit--- no trick stems or other kludges allowed.

We'll see how long that lasts!
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Old 05-25-20, 12:55 AM
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Bikes: A green one, "Ragleigh," or something.

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I have never regretted selling a bike. I have also never regretted buying a bike. They're just bikes. Toys. Tools. Objects of amusement and/or utility. A hobby. There will always be other bikes. By my own admission, sure, I happen to have way too many of them, and that's been the case for several years. Some of them have to go just because I can't really ride 20 bikes.

When you buy or sell a bike, it's not like you screwed up somebody's life by raising your kid badly or marrying the wrong person, etc. Relax.
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Old 05-25-20, 06:48 AM
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I just put four of them on the block. In my mind. Once the plague passes.
Well look what the cat dragged in. Such a fine addition to the thread

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Old 05-25-20, 07:05 AM
Russ Roth
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I bought a trek Domine the first year they were made and Lance was riding them. Wife and I were both in college and I managed to employee purchase one that was left over at Trek that they were clearancing which they usually don't allow since it was a percentage off the wholesale. It arrived in time to build and then head to my Grandparents in the Catskills to fix a leaky roof from a storm that dropped part of a tree. Had enough time to take it for a nice 45-50mi ride and head home. While I had been gone the wife had been experimenting with baking and the dog got into the garbage and ate something only half baked, by the time I got back it was having issues and the next day went to the vets where it required emergency surgery and a 3 day stay. I had to sell and ship the bike to pay the vet bill as the only money we'd saved went to buy it. So one ride on an awesome bike and then poof, it was gone. Worst part was we were only watching the dog for the week for my wife's cousin and it had a history of doing this.
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Old 05-25-20, 08:29 AM
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I regret selling an early 90's Cannondale. Bright red, white saddle and tape, white decals. I loved that bike, but it was so stiff it killed my joints so I sold it. I want it back more for the era and timeframe of my life than actually owning the bike again.....

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Old 05-25-20, 08:55 AM
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Bikes: Bikes??? Thought this was social media?!?

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Cushion your heartache - with a new purchase.

I suggest one that fits.
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Old 05-26-20, 12:52 AM
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There are some bikes that I do feel bummed about selling. Almost never the ones that don't fit me, because the logical part of my brain says it wasn't practical, especially when I have other bikes that are the correct size for me.

Some bikes when you go to sell them seem to ride the most beautifully just before. The buyer and new owner gets a great bike, and you get money. And space in your place. I like that exchange.

I just pulled one off the market, making my keeper list at three presently. I have another complete bike to sell and a bunch of frames and parts. I like the extra space and extra cash. And like @Dilberto said, if I never sold the previous ones, I wouldn't have the ones I have today, which seem to keep getting better!

A few years ago I bought a 25" 1986 Schwinn Super Sport. My size, great parts used elsewhere. Stiffest and harshest ride I've ever experienced. Topped Cannondales and any MAX-tubed bike I've owned. I will never buy another Tenax Super Sport again. An '83 Super Sport / Super Sport SP though? Sign me up.
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Old 05-26-20, 07:44 AM
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Having acquired and released a lot of vintage road bicycles, in my day, I can answer the OP's question in one way...

With each release, I feel a sense of loss, even if the bike was of no particular interest to me. I recognize the feeling as hoarder oriented, but get the same feeling every time, none the less. That said...

There have been one or two bikes that I dearly regret releasing.

My steel with carbon fiber core Cyclops...

And, the gem of all acquired gems, my 1970 Carton Professional that came from the dump...
"98% of the bikes I buy are projects".
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Old 05-26-20, 08:58 AM
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Bikes: See the signature....

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I've only regretted letting go of one frameset. Everything else, not so much.
My bikes: '81 Trek 957, '83 Trek 720, '85 Trek 500, '85 Trek 770, '81 Merckx, '85 Centurion Cinelli, '85 Raleigh Portage, '92 RB-2, '09 Bianchi
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Old 05-26-20, 10:12 AM
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I havent regretted selling any bike so far. I am selling them for a reason(s) and that reason(s) outweighs my desire to keep the bike, therefore no regret.
...but I dont decide to sell quickly either, so its a long damn process to decide to sell one of mine and the chance of regret leaves during that time.

I miss the '87 Miyata 912 that was my first higher quality road bike and also my first to change to a modern drivetrain, but it was just not large enough in the end. I didnt ride it often enough, so why have it? Totally the right decision in then end, no regret.
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Old 05-26-20, 10:24 AM
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I miss most of the bikes I sell in one way or another. The two that stand out are two that were too small. If I could find the same model of either one in my size, I'd snap it up in a minute.

The first was the first vintage bike I owned, a 1977 Gitane Gypsy Sport. It was an entry level bike boom model, but I really liked the ride of it, the color, and the lugs.

This bike has popped up again on the local Craigslist, but I haven't found another in my size. Probably most are in landfills now.

The other bike I really miss is this 1985 Pinarello Gran Turismo.

Obviously, it was too small. I loved the color and the pantographs. It went to a good home, at least.
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Old 05-26-20, 11:19 AM
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Bikes: How many is too many?

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Yeah, now that a few days have gone by, my pangs have subsided a bit. That bike was really too small for me, so it was ridden less than the others.

But I did have a couple of very nice rides on the Prestige in the days before it went to a new home--- I appreciated its surgical feel more than I had before. Probably just an early-onset form of seller's remorse. And I have 3 Centurions still in-house--- one of those has to go too, I think. Keeping the MV Ironman and the orange Semi-Pro.

It's amazing how much bikes changed from 1980-1990--- earlier stuff seems kind of sloppy and soulful, the late 80's into the 90's started to have that indexed, computer-designed precise feel. Not that one was better or worse, but I kind of like the stuff from the 70's and earlier.

Thanks all....

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Old 05-26-20, 12:21 PM
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Bikes: Old school lightweights

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"These thoughts I have seem to pass me by ... like a cloud."

Thread needed a soundtrack.
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I put a "nice" one on CL last week. After entertaining the offer, I imagined being without it and deleted the add. Two days later, I put the add back up. I'll miss it when it is gone.
I don't do: disks, tubeless, e-shifting, or bead head nymphs.
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What is this thing of which people speak, "selling a bike?"

"Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long."
--Ogden Nash
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Originally Posted by jonwvara View Post
What is this thing of which people speak, "selling a bike?"
They're probably just momentarily confused or not really paying attention.
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