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Your original equipment tires and replacements

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Your original equipment tires and replacements

Old 06-05-19, 06:10 AM
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Bikes: 1976 Motobecane Grand Touring, 2013 Fuji Absolute 2.1 hybrid, 2000 Mongoose S2000 MTB, 2009 Schwinn Jaguar beach cruiser

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Your original equipment tires and replacements

I thought I might start a thread on original equipment tires. We all know that many of our hybrids came with something relatively inexpensive for the manufacturer to put on them to get them out the door. I'm interested in what kind of mileage you got and your thoughts (quality, junk, decent, etc.) Of course, the quality of the original tire will be in line with how high-end your hybrid was when you purchased it.

My 2013 Fuji Absolute 2.1 came with their in house Vera CityWide tires in 700x32. No puncture protection in that year's model. I got 2200 miles out of them. There was still a decent amount of tread and the sidewalls were holding up fine, but it was time. The tread was getting thin enough that more punctures were just a matter of time. I got lucky in that I only had one puncture in all those miles. I just replaced the originals with Schwalbe Marathon HS420 GG's, but have nothing but nice things to say about the original equipment tires. The Schwalbe Marathon is a significant upgrade in ride quality and speed.

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Old 06-05-19, 07:34 AM
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My 2013 Norco Cityglide (bought used) came with factory mounted Schwalbe Delta Cruisers 700x35 steel bead.

I replaced them with Continental Ride City Reflex 700x37 steel bead.

These Continentals don't roll as nice as the Delta Cruisers and the Continentals are a bit out of round compared the the DCs. Good thing I can't ride fast enough to notice the lumpiness of the Contis.
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Old 06-05-19, 11:25 AM
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Our Canyon Roadlite's came with Schwalbe G-One Speed 30 mm tires. They currently have 4500 miles on them and the only real wear is to my (read Clydesdale) rear tire. It will need replacement in the next 500 miles or so. However, when I purchased the Roadlites back in Dec I also purchased two sets of Schwalbe Pro One tubeless tires for the next round. The other sets of new bikes we purchased in the past 8 years or so were all Giants (Escape RX 0's, Escape RX Composites, and Fastroad CoMax 1's) and came with Giant branded tires all of which only made it 1500 to 2000 miles before needing replacement.
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Old 06-05-19, 12:21 PM
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Last bike -- '10 Sirrus Comp (a reasonably expensive 'hybrid' in its day) -- came stock with Specialized-branded 28mm road training tires. These lasted about a month or two iirc before becoming excessively puncture-prone. Replaced first with Panaracer Paselas, then Conti GP4000s. No problems with either. Finally discovered Specialized Roubaix Pro in 32mm. Great tires; still using them. Perfect mix of durability, light weight, grip, low rolling resistance, and flat resistance.

New bike -- '19 Sirrus X Comp -- has stock 38mm Specialized Tracer Pro. Essentially, a very good dry-conditions cyclocross tire. These will go ... soon. They're ok on road, but too noisy/draggy for me. On will go a new set of Roubaix Pros (32s), unless I succumb to the temptation to try Conti GP5000s in the 32 width ... hmmm.
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Old 06-05-19, 04:10 PM
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I bought mine used, so I don't really know how much was its actual mileage. It came with Schwalbe CX Comp, and I replaced them with the same ones, as I was pretty happy with them. Easily available, inexpensive, decent puncture protection, roll nice enough and offer also decent traction off road. By now they have around 2300 miles on them, and I reckon I can get another 1000 out of them. The front one is still in pretty good condition, the rear has some wear, looks like it's time to swap them around.
Come winter I'll replace them with some knobbies, and then next spring we'll see.
It probably should also be noted that around 60% of my riding is commuting in the city, where emergency braking so that rear wheel locks and skids happens quite often.
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Old 06-05-19, 04:52 PM
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My 2012 Trek 7.3 fx came with 32mm Bontrager Race All Weather Hard Case tires.

I have 22,092 miles on the original front tire and will need to replace it soon (never had a flat on it)

I am on my third rear tire:
7,895 miles on the original Bontrager Race All Weather Hard Case and replaced it with the same kind
7,992 miles on the second rear tire. replaced it at 15,887 total miles with a 32mm Bontrager AW1 Hard Case (Bontrager discontinued the Race All Weather and replaced it with the AW1).
I have 6,205 miles on the current AW1 rear tire.

In 22,092 miles I have had only one flat (probably jinx myself saying that) and that was on a Race All Weather Hard case rear tire with over 7,000 miles on it. I was really happy with the Race All Weather Hard Case tires and hope the AW1 hard Case that replaced them do as well.

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Old 06-05-19, 06:51 PM
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My Roam came with Giant's CrossCut tires (38mm) that I actually liked pretty well. I replaced them for something larger, not because I didn't like the tires themselves. I've had a lot of sets of tires on this bike (I just like trying different tires): 40-622 Schwalbe Little Big Ben, 50-622 Schwalbe Hurricane, and now 47-584 Vittoria Terreno Dry. I have run the 52-584 Vittoria Mezcal tires on it from my MTB, and I think those are my favorite tires overall. They're a fast hardpack tire, not all that unlike the stock CrossCuts (but much higher in quality).
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Old 06-06-19, 10:00 AM
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My Crosstrail came with 700x37 Trigger Sports

They aren't a bad tire. But they aren't great either.

The rolling resistance isn't that great. And the tread started to show significant wear at about 300 miles. I switched to Michelin Proteks which have a more pavement friendly semi slick tread that rolled MUCH better.

I recently lost one of the Proteks and had to put one of the Trigger Sports back on while I await a replacement. Immediately I felt the difference. The bike was suddenly sluggish on pavement again. I've had it on there for 2 weeks and can't take it anymore. It's just too slow.

They are a comfortable ride through. They give a nice cushioned ride.

I liked the Trigger Sports more for rail trails than I do on pavement.

I think I'm going to go with Continental Top Contact II's as a replacement front and back.

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Old 07-07-19, 10:13 AM
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My original tires Specialized Nimbus, 700 x 32c . I just replaced them with Kenda Kross Pro 700c x 40mm. They are slower on the road but better on the trail I ride. Much move comfortable and stable.
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Old 07-07-19, 04:22 PM
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Just replaced my tires today,Bontrager H5 200x26..The old ones were Bontrager Hardcase tires but I'm not sure of the exact model but they were the original tires

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Old 07-08-19, 10:41 AM
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In Jan, 2018, I replaced the Trek Invert II tires on my 2001 720 MT. They only got better as they got older until the fabric ripped. I still rode home a couple of miles on just the rubber. I first replaced with a Schwinn Hybrid tire that I bought at Target so I could ride the next day. Junk. Bought Panaracer Comet HardPack folding tires. Love them.

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Old 07-11-19, 05:15 PM
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2015 Trek FX 7.2 22.5" Frame

Original: Bontrager H2 700x35c Hard Case Lites (~600 miles)
Previous: Bontrager H5 700x42c Hard Case Lites (~2000 miles) - wanted better grip when on gravel
Current: Bontrager H5 700x38c Hard Case Ultimates (just installed 7/9/2019) - went a little narrower based on LBS stock and better puncture protection
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Old 07-11-19, 11:06 PM
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Burned through the Bontrager stock tires on my Trek FXS6 (32mm Hardcase Lights) and then converted the TLR wheels to tubeless with Bontrager AW2’s in 32mm. Best upgrade I’ve done to the bike. The TLR system works well and holds pressure perfectly.
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Old 07-17-19, 09:44 PM
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after getting a flat, i took in my 700 multitrack with the original 1992 matrix 700 x 35 tires. while replacing the tube, mechanic said the tire was rotting and more flats were in my future if i didn't replace. i did get about 500 miles on them before that flat. it wasn't a puncture; i got caught in a rut.

replaced with michelin dynamic sport tires, 28mm. completely slick, as i ride 99 percent on road for commute. for some reason websites call them "semi-slick," but there's no treads whatsoever. they're what the shop recommended. he said i could spend more, but the price would be the primary difference. only have five miles on them -- back from the bike shop, barely beating a rain storm -- so not yet entirely sure what i think of them.

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Old 07-18-19, 12:51 PM
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My favorite hybrid tires are Continental Speed Rides. One size, nominally 700x42 but measure closer to 700x38. I've ridden the same set since autumn 2016 and they still have miles of wear left.

I'll still try other tires now and then, but after a week or month at most I put the Speed Rides back on. They're supple, grippy, smooth rolling and not sluggish at lower, comfortable pressure. I weigh 150 and can ride the Speed Rides as low as 30 psi front, 40 rear, no pinch flats. Usually I'll run 'em 45 front, 55 rear. They feel like much better tires than the $20-$25 price would indicate.

Over the winter I wanted to put fenders on the old Univega, and the Speed Rides were too wide. I tried some Continental Sport Contact II in 700x32. Tech specs indicated weight was the same. But they felt harsh at full pressure and sluggish at a comfortable pressure. The sidewalls are rigid, the tread is thick. They're probably fine as commuter/errand bike tires, but not much fun to ride on.

I'll stick with Speed Rides for the Univega for as long as Conti makes 'em.
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